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The Marcel Makeover | Incredible Transformation and Now It's Your Turn!

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Who doesn't love a great makeover? A transformation of mind, body, and style! Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents the transformation of Marcel along with the kind words of gratitude that Marcel communicates in regard to his transformation.

I would personally like to thank Aaron Marino for helping me to discover my best self. I have always been physically fit, but never understood why clothes just seem to work on some people and bomb on others. Thank you, Aaron Marino for being a masculine role model, an entertainer, but first and foremost a wonderful human being! Keep up the quirky, educational and inspiring videos Aaron!

Check out of 'alphamtastic' proportion. Alpha breaks down what Marcel did from grooming (hair) to accessories (frames) to clothing (tailored perfection suit) and shoes (everything is working!). Marcel says that he feels incredible.

These little changes make big changes-- and big changes in attitude too. Transformations like this are not only a change from the outside-- an inner transformation also occurs.

If you have gone through a transformation, email the before and after pictures to Aaron at [email protected]  He will post to the IAmAlphaM Facebook page.These before-and-afters can serve to be inspirational for others. Also, these pictures show that we are doing something big here.

Modern Tailor is The Perfect Place To Start The Transformation Process!

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