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Sport Coats & Blazers

Taking Clothing Measurements for Custom Clothing

Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about men's custom clothing and Modern Tailor which results in questions about how to take measurements.

Alpha suggests ways to take measurements and ensure the purchase of perfect fitting shirts or suits.

  1. First, start with a flexible tape measurement (not a rigid, metal one). The more accurate, the better your clothing will turn out.
  2. Second, you can take the measurements with the assistance of someone you trust -or- you can take measurements from existing clothing you have (preferred method).


Taking Measurements from Clothing

What you need is a shirt or jacket & pair of pants-- does this have to be a suit to take the measurements? No, any jacket and any pant can work. And if you have current clothing is not exactly the perfect fit, make the adjustments in the measurements.

Lay out your shirt, measure, record measurements, and adjust accordingly. With a suit, take measurements from a jacket that you love the fit. Use the jacket as the template. If you don't have anything that fits that great, either get a current jacket tailored -or- go out and buy a cheap sport coat and take it to the tailor. In regard to the suit pant, use a pant (any pant) that you love the fit and use them as the template. Taking measurements is not that complicated, and you can get help from these online retailers.


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