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Outer Wear

The Perfect Coat Requires the Perfect Fit | Men's Coats and Jackets

A great peacoat is one of Alpha's favorite winter jackets since it's so versatile. Aaron Marino of alpha m. tells a quick story about his perfect fitting peacoat.

It all comes down to sizing down. When you try on a jacket, size down a size or two in order to get a perfect fitting jacket.

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Hooded Jackets  -
November 28, 2012
Truth be told, Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't know how the attached hood has become so popular. If you are investing in a jacket, make sure the hood is removable. Or buy a jacket that doesn't have a hood and wear a hoodie with the jacket. In about two years, this look may not be in style. So if you go with a solid and simple jacket and combine it with a hoodie underneath, you will get the same sRead More»
Men's Pea Coat Shopping | American Rag -
October 30, 2012
You can still look great when you're bundled up in cold weather. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses options of outerwear, specifically pea coats. He displays two options at Macy's super sale. He finds a great jacket, great find, and great price ($79): American Rag's black pea coat. A pea coat is a great addition to your wardrobe. Make sure to ask store associates about sales coming to the store tRead More»
Overcoat and Topcoat Differences -
October 25, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the differences between an overcoat and topcoat. Overcoat The overcoat is full length. It's designed to be over a suit or sport coat, is typically double breasted, and is typically wool or cashmere. Topcoat The topcoat is made of wool or cashmere but is generally lighter weight. It's single breasted and three quarter length. It hits at the knee or just below. TheRead More»
Men's Wet Weather Gear -
October 2, 2012
Nature has quite a sense of humor at times.  It never fails that on days when we need to look our best, the skies open up and seem to challenge our mission of arriving to our destination in perfect condition.  Be it a job interview, special date, important business meeting, or friend's wedding... nature seems to test just how much we want something by pitting us against inclement weather at the Read More»

Sweater Styles -
September 25, 2012
With summer weather nearly behind us, autumn is the perfect time of year to focus on sweaters.  Sweaters are a stylish way to stay warm when chilly weather sets in.  They are great in-between wear when the cool air warrants an extra layer, but not quite as much as a heavy coat. There are countless sweater styles, ranging in fabric from cashmere to polyester, and whether it's a cardigan, pulloverRead More»
Trench Coats -
September 6, 2012
Classy and romantic, the sophisticated trench coat has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years and for good reason, too.  It's perfect! Originally designed for military use, this coat has been cherished by men throughout history.  From soldiers needing to stay warm and dry to big screen movie stars like Humphrey Bogart – the trench coat is an understated, classic coat that enhances theRead More»
How to Clean a Leather Jacket | Pressing Leather Jackets -
June 21, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses when and how to clean a leather jacket as well as how to remove wrinkles. Aaron, once a year, takes his leather jackets at the dry cleaner. The jacket is returned clean and unwrinkled. Wrinkles usually only happen with really thin leather. In this case, hang the jacket but don't iron. Steam is another option. Don't try cleaning or pressing on your own- take your Read More»
Wear a Vest and Kill It | Men's Dress, Casual, and Sweater Vests -
September 23, 2011
Alpha used to think vests looked amazing on other men but not him. But he realized he was being a pussy so he got a vest and looked awesome! He even got a compliment! That's all it took. He's now a vest wearing slut. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents different kinds of vest and how to wear them. Vests are a great option for the layering enthusiast- adding character, depth, and dimension to what coRead More»
Buying a Men's Suit or Sport Jacket | Proper Men's Suit Fit and Size -
December 20, 2009
Male style and fashion expert, Aaron Marino, talks about how to buy a suit or sport jacket. Alpha shows the proper fit and how to tell if it is the right size. The goal is to cut down on the amount of tailoring you need down. First, you go into a store and grab an associate. Have them measure you and get the suit jacket measurement. Then determine the length which ranges from short, regular, and Read More»

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