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Button Ups

Tailoring Men's Button Up Shirts | Clothing Alterations

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses what a tailor can and cannot alter regarding the fit of your men's button-up shirt. A tailor can get that shirt that fits 'eeh' to fitting 'mwah'!

The tailor can make the body of the shirt fit better by reducing amount of fabric.They can also reduce the length to enable wearing untucked. They can also replace buttons. They can reduce the diameter of the sleeves and shorten the length of the sleeve too. They cannot make a new collar, however. He also cannot make a French cuff. Keep in mind that the more changes, the more the cost.  In summary, a tailor can do anything to a shirt to make it fit better.

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Two Ways to Roll Up Your Sleeves -
January 31, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to stylishly roll-up your button-up shirt sleeves. Alpha presents two ways to roll sleeves in a  cleaner, crisper, and more professional way. The first roll is the classic standard double roll. This roll is loose and casual. It also hangs far down the arm. The triple roll brings up the sleeve higher. Adding the triple roll, the big issue is the back area Read More»
Being an Alpha Male | How to Sew on a Button -
January 18, 2012
Alpha men should have self sufficiency with small tasks, which include being able to sew a button back on your clothing. Do not pawn off small tasks on your grandmother, mother, wife, or girlfriend. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to sew a button. To start, get a mini emergency sewing kit for about 3 bucks. You will also need your item of clothing and button. If you don't know where yourRead More»
Men's Clothing Fabrics and Patterns  -
October 14, 2011
Aaron Marino Website Have you ever run across a word you don't know regarding fabrics or patterns? You know about corduroy but others are leaving you scratching your head. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about the fabric names and differences. A fabric is what your clothes are made of: wool (sheep), cotton (plant), silk (worm), or synthetic (man-made). The way that the fabric is woven affects Read More»
Men's Dress Shirt Collar Options | Point, Tab, Pinned, Spread Collars -
September 30, 2011
To start, Alpha thought it would be wise by starting with an explanation of collar construction: collar points, collar point length, collar band, collar height, tie space, and spread. Now, Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses collar styles. Obscure Varieties Band  - collar without the collar! It sucks. Don't wear! Stafford  - it's like ... uh... makes Alpha smile. Wing Up  - associated with tuxeRead More»

How to Measure for a Custom Dress Shirt | Modern Tailor -
June 10, 2011
Modern Tailor 10% off with discount code: alpham10 Modern Tailor Facebook Want a custom shirt that fits you perfectly? Modern Tailor, an online custom shirt company, gives each customer the chance and the choice to wear affordable, high quality custom clothing. Professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, explains and demonstrates how to measure a custom shirt to ensure a great fit. Modern TRead More»
To Tuck or Not To Tuck? | Men's Shirts  -
January 31, 2010
Professional male image consultant and stylist, Aaron Marino, helps answer the age old question: tuck or untuck a shirt? What shirts can you untuck? When is untucking appropriate? Alpha's pet peeve is seeing a dress shirt that is way too long and untucked. There are three types of button-shirts: casual, dress shirts, and in-between shirts. Casual- you would never wear with a tie. They are not intRead More»
Buy the Perfect Fitting Dress Shirt | Men's Dress Shirt Fit -
December 29, 2009
Professional male style expert and image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about how to buy the perfect fitting shirt. Regardless of your body shape, fitted shirts look best on most everybody due to less fabric in the body of shirt. You look taller and leaner. Here's how to buy the perfect fitting shirt: When you are buying a dress shirt, there are two measurements that really matter: neck and arm lRead More»

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