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Men's Dress Shirt Collar Options | Point, Tab, Pinned, Spread Collars

To start, Alpha thought it would be wise by starting with an explanation of collar construction: collar points, collar point length, collar band, collar height, tie space, and spread. Now, Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses collar styles.

Obscure Varieties

  • Band  - collar without the collar! It sucks. Don't wear!
  • Stafford  - it's like ... uh... makes Alpha smile.
  • Wing Up  - associated with tuxedo collars


Common Varieties

  • Standard point - conservative and common
  • British Tab - lifts the tie for arched appearance
  • Pinned  - tie bar detail
  • Button Down - Alpha is not a huge fan, but if you are going to wear, they look better with casual shirts. Do not have a button down collar with dress shirts.
  • Spread, Wide Spread, Varsity Spread - great option and a little dressier, needing a larger, symmetrical knot like a Full Windsor (because of extra space to fill). Alpha demonstrates the small knot with the larger knot.
  • Rounded Spread - tips are rounded
  • Italian - point and spread varieties. The proportions are odd with front bigger and longer.


Which collar is best for you and your head shape? There's no right or wrong. Every expert has their own opinion. Some people think that you should wear collars that contrast your head shape. You want to balance. Some people, however, think that you should match your head-shape.

Alpha says to stick with a collar that you like. Collars come in different heights and depths (sizes) so get something in the middle-of-the-road. If you have a big head, go with a bigger collar (and vice versa if you have a small head). Alpha displays and concludes that you should buy what you love.

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