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The Pocket Square | The Missing Link?

I made a New Year's resolution to take my personal style to the next level. I just didn't know how that was going to happen at the time. Over the past few years I took several definitive steps to sharpen my skills in putting great outfits together such as:
  1. Learning about the proper use of color matching and coordinating and patterns to put an ensemble together
  2. Going through my closet and eliminating clothing that was too aged and ill fitting
  3. Taking any item of ill fitting clothing (dress shirts, pants, sport coats) to the tailor to get the perfect fit
  4. Making an inventory of what key items of clothing that I was missing from my wardrobe and then putting together a plan to obtain them
  5. Experimenting with my outfits via accessories (watch, scarves, fedoras, driver caps, etc.)
  6. Taking great care of my clothes, shoes, and accessories to preserve and extend their durability


However, after I felt that I had become sufficiently skilled at these steps, I started to get bored and less motivated in this area of my life. I needed to evolve. That's where the pocket square, poked its head out of a sportcoat pocket and begged for my attention.

At first, I was hesitant. I thought that a dress shirt, sport coat, and tie was more than enough for an outfit. But then I started wearing sport coats and suits on a more frequent basis for my career and wanted to set myself apart from the other 'suits' in the office.

BAM. Pocket Square FOR THE WIN.

I just went from Neanderthal to Homo Sapien. From Ken Jeong to Jeremy Lin. From weight watchers to P90X.  From Justin Bieber to Johnny Cash. As it was a new type of accessory for me, I wanted to start with the basics and most of all, cheap, in case I did not like how it worked with my outfits. I looked online for prices, different styles, folds, and how to videos. Through my research I've found two options.

  1. Regular Pocket Squares.
  2. Pre-folded Pocket Squares.


In my opinion, both are viable options. Let me break down the pros and cons for both and list a couple of websites where you can purchase your own.

Regular Pocket Squares

  • Pros - Full length and width handkerchiefs, customizable to any fold that you want
  • Cons - Need ironing, learning curve for different folds, time consumed in folding, expensive
  • Websites -,


Pre-folded Pocket Squares

  • Pros - No ironing/folding necessary, no learning curve, time saver
  • Cons - Not a full handkerchief, cannot be folded into another shape, possible fashion faux paus depending on your opinion
  • Websites -,


Here are some pictures of my pre-folded and regular pocket squares coordinated with an outfit.

Happy pocket square shopping!

by Joe Kang

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