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Shopping Options for Large Men | Big Boy Style

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Alpha is so excited about the new shopping options for the larger gentleman (super tall, little bit heavy, or just a big dude). Standard store sizes go up to 34 length as well as 38 inches for waist.
Additionally, a size 15 shoe is rarely found at standard stores. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says online is the ticket to finding these extended sizes:

  • Banana Republic and The GAP have a big-and-tall section exclusively online.
  • There are a lot of men bigger than these online options. So for you guys, Casual Male XL is your option. Get the catalog for more selections than in the store.
  • BUT, gentlemen, there's a new kid on the style block: Destination XL. It's three times the size of the Casual Male XL with all the brands, designers, and options.


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