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Dress Shoes & Socks

Pimpin' Python Snakeskin Shoes

One of Alpha's favorite topics to talk about is shoes, and in this video, he discusses whether snakeskin shoes are tasteful or tacky.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the two groups of people who can wear snakeskin shoes: pimps and preachers. Related to the preacher, Aaron tells a story about speaking at a singles event in downtown Atlanta. Anyone else who wants to wear snakeskin shoes, the style is tacky.

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Sock Falling Down | Men's Socks Drooping Around Ankle -
December 17, 2012
When socks fall down and droop around the ankle is a pet peeve of Alpha's. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses why the socks fall and bag around the ankle. The key is to buy longer socks and wraps around your calf. Try socks on before purchasing them. Read More»
Everything Shoelace -
December 11, 2012
Gentlemen, look at your shoes. Are they lace-ups? If so, are the laces the original laces the shoes came with, or did you replace them? Shoelaces don't seem to be significant enough to spend time or brain cells worrying about, but, no surprise, I'm here to tell you they are! Two skinny strands of fabric or leather; subtle shoelaces have the capability of making or breaking an outfit. Sounds crazy,Read More»
What to Wear with Tan Shoes -
December 11, 2012
Got an email from one of our viewers who bought a pair of these shoes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says they are a form of cap toe shoes. Alpha immediately thinks of how these shoes would go with gray. This chestnut color also looks amazing with dark blue and navy. You can also pair with a matching belt and black. Play around and step outside of your comfort zone and style box. Read More»
Crazy Beautiful, Crazy Expensive Men's Shoes | Allen Edmonds -
December 7, 2012
Allen Edmonds Aaron Marino of alpha m. just stumbled upon the most unbelievable shoe site he has ever seen. He cannot afford, so he's window shopping. The site has a blog in addition to the products. Check out the four examples that Aaron displays. As you can see that the shoes are gorgeous, and some are hand-crafted. Read More»

Johnston & Murphy Shoes and Boots -
November 7, 2012
Reference: Johnston & Murphy Gentleman, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is blown away with the good looking shoes and boots that Johnston & Murphy is offering this season. They have timelessly styled shoes and boots. Alpha shows examples. They are sexy and cost a bit more because of the high quality. The prices are around $195 - $395. Matching belts are also a perk with this company. They have gRead More»
On the Red Carpet with Brown Shoes -
October 12, 2012
Check it out! NY City Fashion Week! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the event and the Vogue Show. Aaron is excited that viewer, John, wore brown shoes with his black suit. He looked great with tailored perfection. He set himself apart stylistically. He stepped outside of the box with a fashion risk. Take it from John: wear light brown shoes with a black suit or black pants. It works incredibly Read More»
How to Age Shoes | DIY Distressing Shoes -
September 24, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about how a lot of shoes in the stores look antiqued or worn. The toe looks darker than the rest of the shoe which gradually gets lighter to the natural shade of the shoe. Alpha aged the shoes himself. Try this on a cheaper or beat-up pair of brown shoes, not black. You will need a piece of sandpaper or sanding sponge, black shoe polish, and a rag. When sanding, takeRead More»
Magnanni Shoe | Double Monk Strap  -
September 12, 2012
Magnanni Shoe Aaron Marino of alpha m. was shopping for wing-tip men's dress shoes at Nordstrom when he spotted this pair of Magnanni shoes. He had heard of them but never tried them on in the past. They are a Spanish company where the shoes are hand-crafted in Spain. Aaron bought a double monk strap for under $300. The pair looks amazing with jeans, khakis, and various color of suits. The double Read More»
Make Big Feet Look Smaller | Large Feet -
August 29, 2012
Are you a man with large feet? Or perhaps you are a man with small feet. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents ideas to give the illusion of smaller or larger feet. For large feet, bulkier and whites men's shoes make the foot look bigger. To reduce the appearance of large feet, wear streamlined and slender shoes. Also don't wear white if you want your feet look smaller. Read More»

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