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Matching Colors | Men's Clothing

Professional image consultant and male fashion expert, Aaron Marino, talks about how to match colors. After the tutorial, Alpha answers viewer questions and responds to nay-sayers.
  • BLACK Black is an easy one. Any color that you want to combine with black will look fantastic. The only problem that could arise is matching two blacks together. Stay away from that, otherwise, everything if fair game. Black and tan are amazing together. Alpha demonstrates. Black doesn't look really good with dark brown, however. It looks a bit awkward. You want some contrast and balance.
  • DARK BROWN Dark brown looks fantastic with medium green and a contrasting brown. You could add a pair of pants in the brown family that are tan. All browns but different shades and patterns. Alpha demonstrates.
  • LIGHT BLUE A perfect color that matches with just about anything is light blue. It works with pretty much everything.
  • BLACK AND BLUE - here's the question. What would you do with pants? Black pants and jacket with blue shirt looks awkward. Instead look for a complimentary color pant- gray. You could also go a bit dark with slate or charcoal pant.
  • JEANS An old standby is jeans. Jeans match with everything and you can't go wrong when trying to match with jeans.


Pay attention to black and black combinations.  It never looks exactly right. You want your colors to balance and that they weren't a *set*.

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