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Men's Vests | Sweater, Casual, Lapeled, Suit

Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about the do's and do not's of wearing a men's vest. Some of vests have lapels and some vests are made from various materials such as velvet, polyester, cotton, wool, and cashmere. Four options are discussed.
  1. First, the sweater vest can be worn with jeans, shorts, pants, chinos, under suit jacket. It's incredibly versatile. The more luxurious fabrics are dressier.
  2. Next, the casual vest can be inexpensive and not made with a dressy fabric. These look great with jeans or a sport coat over it.
  3. The third option is the vest with the lapel. This is a dressier option. You don't want to wear a sport coat over this vest as it will look funky with double lapel. Looks best with slacks and wool pant.
  4. The forth option is the three piece suit's vest . Wear it only with that ensemble and don't break up the set. Always dry clean all pieces together to keep the fabrics matching.

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