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When NOT to Tailor | Clothing Alterations

No, no, no, no! Too far to tailor baggy jeans to slim fit. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says a tailor is essential for perfectly fitting clothes.

However, sometimes the cost of modification is the same as the replacement cost. Treat yourself to the new straight fitting jeans and save the baggy ones for working on the car.

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Dressing the Tall Guy -
February 12, 2013
It's time to give tall men the spot light by taking a look at their world of fashion, and the challenges many of our vertically gifted brothers encounter everyday. Unfortunately, the clothing industry has not caught up to the needs of tall men, so men who are 6'3" (6 feet-3 inches) and taller typically have to hunt a little longer and harder to find clothing and styles that are readily available tRead More»
How to Shorten Jeans | Hemming Jeans -
February 7, 2013
Blue Jean Original Hem Alpha gives a shout-out to all the shorties like himself. So how can you keep your jeans looking good when making them shorter? Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about having a tailor hem the jeans. The tailor can keep the factory edge. Alpha gives a quick explanation. You can't even tell the jeans have been altered. Experts in hemming are hard to find, and the video below is dRead More»
Affliction Jeans Fix | Customize Clothes -
January 30, 2013
It's custom craft time at alpha m.! Did you spend some money on some over-the-top jeans back in the day? Think outside of the box by customizing clothes you don't wear. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to customize the Affliction jeans with the big bold white stitching, big pockets on the back, big silver button and flap with the back pockets, and logo. Remove the logo and remove the flaRead More»
Men's Pant Fit Options | Standard, Relaxed, Straight, Slimmer Tailored -
November 1, 2012
This video presents a crash course on pant fit. Aaron Marino of alpha m. states that four fits are essential to know, and skipping the first two is advised. Focus on the straight and slimmer tailored fits The standard fit has a standard / regular rise which doesn't elongate your legs. The regular rise is around 12 inches long. The pant leg is a little wider, creating a bit baggier of a pant. The Read More»

Make Your Own Jeans | Customize Clothes -
October 31, 2012
Make Your Own Jeans So when you go shopping for blue jeans, do you leave with perfect pair of jeans? Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses a different option for jeans, which is through a website that specializes in custom blue jeans. 'Make Your Own Jeans' is the Modern Tailor version for blue  jeans! You can select different washes, weights, pockets, and embroidery. Get tailor made jeans as per yoRead More»
Prevent Jeans from Fading  -
October 23, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to prevent jeans from fading. Before washing your jeans, turn them inside out.  When you throw them in the dryer, use a low setting. Read More»
Denim Care -
October 9, 2012
If there's one article of clothing most of us own, it's a pair of jeans.  If you're like the majority of guys I know, you have several pairs and for good reason.  Jeans are the ultimate pant.  They're comfortable, versatile, rugged, and easy to maintain... as long as you know the simple rules of denim care. However, this article is not about jean care,   but denim care in general. Denim is anRead More»
Pre-Shrunk Clothing? My Butt! -
September 24, 2012
Does your men's shirt say 'pre-shrunk" but it shrink in the dryer anyway? Aaron Marino of alpha m. has done it, and you've probably done it too. Don't trust anything that says 'pre-shrunk'. Take special care when drying clothes if they are the perfect size. Cotton shirts will shrink if put in the dryer when wet, and there is nothing you can do to un-shrink them. Pre-shrunk? Don't believe the hype!Read More»
Proper Men's Jeans Length -
September 21, 2012
How many of you guys tried on a pair of jeans and wondered if they are too long or short? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that jean length is not as cut-as-dry as slacks, pants, or chinos. If you have a question of the length, always err on the side as too long. The jeans will shrink vertically, not horizontally, due to the weave. Also with the jeans that are too long, bottoms came become frayed whiRead More»

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