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Jean Fit 101 | Denim Fit Options

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Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating, to say the least. That wall of 'fits and options' makes you not even know where to start. You need to understand the principles of fit.

What is Alpha's favorite brand of jeans?

Check out The GAP due to their solid jeans and denims and also because of price, simplicity (no butt bling!), ton of fits and washes, and versatility (the work for guys from 16 to 60 year old!).

Six Most Common Fits

  1. Skinny - mid rise, sits low on waist, and is skinny through leg and opening. It's for the guy without a lot of junk-in-the-trunk. These jeans don't have much play.
  2. Slim - mid rise, sits low on waist, and slim through thigh and opening. It has a little more room for those with a bit more meat in the booty or thigh. It's a bit looser but streamline.
  3. Straight - slightly larger and longer mid rise, looser through thigh and opening. It's common option that men find comfortable. The difference between straight and slim is an half-inch!
  4. Boot - mid rise, lower leg dimension as straight, flairs slightly at the opening. Allows for the jean to open over shoe and boot. Alpha prefers the Slim Boot (thinner through the leg).
  5. Standard - These are your Daddy's jeans! Regular rise, lots of extra room in the crotch, pulls up to the belly-button, slightly relaxed through thigh, straight opening. There are better options for most of you. Standard Taper is another option - regular rise, wider thighs, tapers from knee down. Looks less baggy and bumpy.
  6. Relaxed -  Dumpy... they are just BIG! Big rise, big thighs, big everywhere. Try a slimmer fit if you are wearing this fit! You will look so much better in better fitting jeans.

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