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Casual Shoes & Socks

Men's Fashion Sneakers | Addidas and Puma

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses fashion sneakers, including must have colors for this summer. A great option for shorts is fashion sneakers when you don't want to wear driving mocs or flip flops.

Fashion sneakers are everywhere this summer, and even on your feet. Aaron is in love with the new Addidas and Puma. A lot of the styles are modern spins on the retro classics. Aaron gives some examples. These thing can get expensive at around $60 a pop.

If you are going to buy one pair, buy one that is the most versatile with white or black. Aaron recommends a base of white over black. White blends better and matches better with the summer shorts better.  The splash of color adds extra interest.

If you are going to get a second pair, let your personality shine. Experiment with a bright color that you normally wouldn't wear. Aaron went for a blue shoe, and he's been rockin' it.

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