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Casual Shoes & Socks

TOMS Shoes | Cordones

TOMs have been growing on Aaron, and he actually tried them on. For the price (around $40) of a canvas shoe, he passed up purchasing. Additionally, his wife also thinks the shoe looks feminine.

Aaron likes one style which is more masculine: Cordones. You should note that foot issues can occur if worn too much since the shoe has no arch support and little cushion. TOMs actually donates a pair of shoes for shoes purchased One For One Movement).

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Men's Flip Flops -
August 7, 2012
There's nothing like getting heavy, cold weather clothes off our backs once the hot days of summer roll in.  Summer clothes not only look great and are fun to wear, but they keep us comfortable and cool. Ok, got it, but what about keeping our feet cool?  Are they given the same privilege of fresh air and sunshine other body parts get, or do they stay locked away in a pair of hot, dark shoes all Read More»
Blue Shoes -
July 26, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives his opinion about a certain pair of men's blue shoes. This casual driving moc with perforation on the toe & side is a 'fine' shoe and 'fine' option. When wearing this men's blue shoe, think of contrasting pieces of clothing. Pick a pair of men's jeans that are lighter or darker. You could also wear these blue shoes with a tan pant or khakis.  Aaron has a pair ofRead More»
What Color Socks with Jeans?  -
July 20, 2012
A common style issue for men is what color socks to wear with jeans. Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses this men's style dilemma. General rule is to match your socks to your pants. Matching your socks to your shoes in tone also will match as long as your shoes are coordinating with your outfit. When you are wearing a non-athletic shoe, you can match your socks to something else in your outfit (belRead More»
Think Versatility with Men's Shoes | Classic and Standard Color  -
July 13, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. likes to think in terms of the most matching options when choosing men's shoes. Whenever you're stuck between two different colors of men's shoes, you have to think in terms of versatility. With what are you going to match the men's shoes and which shoes can be worn with more outfits. The more classic and standard color is the most versatile for men's shoes. Read More»

Style Trend | Men's Shoe Tassels -
July 3, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. issues an alpha m. style watch.  He discusses the reinvention of the tassel on men's shoes. Don't think of the tassels that your Math teacher wore; think of a sleeker, slimmer, more luxurious, and more stylistic approach to the tassel. Just like the resurgence of wing-tips the same resurgence is approaching with tassels. If you said you would never wear a shoe with tasselRead More»
Style Trend | Crocs Footwear -
June 28, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the plastic clog, Crocs. Big, bulky, and clunky, Aaron uses them for yardwork.... period. These plastic shoes are for function only as they are not stylish or fashionable. They are durable and comfortable for activities that you don't want to use ruin other shoes. Would you wear them if you are trying to impress? Absolutely not! If you are a style and fashion forRead More»
Dress Shoes | With or Without Socks? -
June 22, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. refers to wearing the trend of wearing dress shoes without socks. If you are wearing dress shoes with men's slacks, you should always wear socks. The look would be too unfinished, sloppy, and  casual without socks. With jeans and chinos, the line is blurred. Aaron has seen it look good, but feet would become raw, smelly, and sweaty.  Aaron recommends playing around with Read More»
Shoelaces | Tying and Replacing -
June 20, 2012
Lacing Methods This video is inspired by a viewer, John (aka Mr. Laces, as in Shoelaces). John shared a website with Aaron regarding how to tie men's shoes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the options of lacing shoelaces as well as the condition of the shoelaces. One thing you have to pay attention to is the condition of your shoelaces. Regardless how you tie the laces, replace the shoelaces evRead More»
Dressing Up with Dress Socks -
June 7, 2012
With so many types and styles of socks available today, I'm often asked what constitutes a dress sock.  Is it color, fabric, weight, length, or pattern that differentiates dress socks from other types?  The answer is all of the above! Dress socks all have something in common regardless of what they look like: they are designed to be worn with dress pants and shoes; therefore, are made of thinnerRead More»

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