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Let’s talk socks. Athletic socks, that is. Let’s talk about this all so humble and under-appreciated sock that has the capacity to make or break our game. That’s right – sports socks protect and cushion both feet and legs during some of the most strenuous and demanding times, when function and comfort are instrumental to our success. Fortunately, today’s vast assortment of athletic socks caters to every sport, every need, and every man’s personal preference; assuring there’s a style for everyone.

Athletic socks come in various lengths, thicknesses, fabrics, colors; all with and without antimicrobial features. Regardless of the style or brand, each type of sock is designed with the athlete’s comfort in mind. And although we typically choose athletic socks based on their length, perhaps the most important feature to consider is the fabric or material they’re made of. Fabrics have various characteristics, which vary their performance and effectiveness. With so many fabric options available, we’re able to choose socks and brands that meet our individual needs – needs like perspiration control, shape retention, and plushness/thickness. Knowing the many fabric options, and how they differ, enables choosing the right sock for the job. However, if you’re like most guys, fabric “qualities” escape you, so here’s a quick reference guide to popular athletic sock fabrics and how they perform:

Natural Sock Fabrics

  • Cotton: Inexpensive, very absorbent, loses shape quickly. Cotton holds onto moisture, versus wicking it away from the foot; creating an environment for fungus to grow. Not the best choice for most athletes.
  • Wool: Great for cold weather; however, this fabric also absorbs perspiration and can keep the feet sweaty. Although wool can insulate feet from wetness better than cotton, both materials can irritate the skin and cause blisters.


Synthetics Sock Fabrics

The following fabrics are man made, unlike cotton and wool, and have been developed to avoid typical problems associated with natural materials.

  • Acrylic: Warm – similar to wool, durable, retains shape, wicks moisture away.
  • Nylon: Durable, retains shape, absorbs high amounts of moisture compared to other synthetics – not a good thing, does not breathe well.
  • Olefin: Excellent at repelling moisture, and drawing it to the outside of the sock for evaporation through the shoe. Look for the trade name “Coolmax”.
  • Polyester: Durable and more breathable than nylon. As a result, perspiration evaporates more easily.
  • Polypropylene: Waterproof, excellent moisture wicking capabilities, warm.
  • Spandex: Resists stretching, added to certain socks to retain their shape.


Synthetics Added

  • Gore-Tex: Known to waterproof boots, it’s also used to make thick sport socks water-resistant.
  • Kevlar: Similar to Gore-Tex, typically added to longer athletic socks to protect legs from abrasion.
  • Polyamide: Added to nylon for overall comfort, resists abrasion.
  • Profilen: Reduces friction better than any other synthetic fiber.
  • Teflon: Waterproofs socks without affecting breathability. Helps resist friction, which helps avoid blisters.
  • X-Static: Antimicrobial fiber made from silver, used to impregnate socks in order to prevent odors, bacteria, and fungus.


When choosing an appropriate athletic sock, go beyond its length by selecting a sock that reduces friction, wicks moisture, and retains its shape, in order to protect your feet from blistering, overheating, odor, and dampness. Additional features, like reinforced toes and heels, not only protect socks from holes, but they protect toes and heels from friction that naturally occurs from activity. Take advantage of these accommodating characteristics that have been born into existence for our convenience.

Athletic Sock Styles

Many sports, especially team sports, have strict regulations on sock usage. However, when the choice is yours to make, select styles that accommodate your needs, which for many go beyond sports and exercise. Many of us wear athletic socks with athletic shoes and boots on a daily basis. Fortunately, sport socks now come in a multitude of colors, and several styles that provide year round comfort. So, expand your selection by incorporating the different styles into your wardrobe, since keeping feet happy can never be overestimated!

Gentlemen, regardless of the style you prefer, wear socks that feel good and meet your needs. The options are available, so why settle for yesteryear’s sport sock when you can have it all today!

by Aaron Marino

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