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Casual Shoes & Socks

Five Essential Shoes | Video 4 or 5 Fashion Sneakers

Next up on your shoe shopping extravaganza is the fashion sneaker. These are great when kicking around town.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that fashion and function meet with the fashion sneaker.  They are not bulky and are streamlined. Many designs and options are out there: Puma, Addias, Asics, and New Balance. You can wear them jeans and shorts (no-show socks).


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Five Essential Shoes | Video 3 of 5 Driving Mocs  -
March 15, 2013
Time to unbutton the shirt and take off the tie because we're getting casual. Many men can match and combine dress clothes. But an issue for many men is casual outfits. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says the driving moc is an acquired taste but once you get a taste, you will be a driving moc convert. The shoe is a casual, comfortable shoe with soft leather. The bottom has a funky design with rubber on Read More»
IAmAlphaM Vocabulary Word Of The Day | Oxford  -
March 12, 2013
Story-time with Alpha! Seven years ago, Aaron Marino of alpha m. started his image consulting business. He had to brush-up on the vocabulary that the *experts* use. The *experts* use a $50 word that needs a 50 cent explanation. He had to learn it the hard way. So he's sharing his knowledge with viewers. Today's word is OXFORD: leather, lace-up dress shoe. Styles include cap toe, wing tip, split toRead More»
How to Match Dark and Medium Brown Shoes  -
March 9, 2013
Take the style rule book and toss it today! Aaron Marino of alpha m. is attempting to convince you to abandon your style comfort zone and to get you off of the style sidelines in regard to brown shoes. What do you wear brown shoes with and what do they work with? Black shoes pretty much go with everything. The black shoe's second cousion, the brown shoe, comes in many shades which causes difficultRead More»
How to Shop for Footwear | Men's Shoes -
March 4, 2013
So you are in the market for new dress shoes. You find a pair you dig but they are a bit stiff. They look amazing, and you think they'll be comfortable after they are *broken in*. Aaron Marino of alpha m. dispels the style myth about buying dress shoes: First find the tile area in the shoe store as carpet gives a false illusion about the comfort of the shoes. Next, bring a pair of dress socks to Read More»

Summer Essential | Men's Flip Flops, Fashion Sneakers, Leather Loafers -
February 25, 2013
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a series of videos, "Summer Essentials" which this video covers must-have shoes. Option 1: simple, non bulky leather flip flop. Option 2: sleek fashion sneaker. Option 3: leather loafers (driving moc or boat shoe). Alpha also addresses sandals- whenever you are deciding on a footwear, make sure it's streamlined. Read More»
New Balance 501 Review | Running Shoes -
January 29, 2013
New Balance 501 Today we're rollin' old school with a product review of a retro, throw-back running shoe. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't recommend running in these bad boys. He says they are for looking smooth and cool. They are a great addition to the fashion sneaker collection, and the price is $50. Alpha went with the black, grey, and white version. Read More»
Rolling Old School in Galoshes | Rubber Boots -
January 25, 2013
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses options. He recommends galoshes as the best option. Snow pretty much annoys Alpha. And if you are in a part of the world where it snows often, you have to figure out a way of keeping your shoes from being destroyed. Read More»
Pimpin' Python Snakeskin Shoes -
December 31, 2012
One of Alpha's favorite topics to talk about is shoes, and in this video, he discusses whether snakeskin shoes are tasteful or tacky. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the two groups of people who can wear snakeskin shoes: pimps and preachers. Related to the preacher, Aaron tells a story about speaking at a singles event in downtown Atlanta. Anyone else who wants to wear snakeskin shoes, the stylRead More»
Sock Falling Down | Men's Socks Drooping Around Ankle -
December 17, 2012
When socks fall down and droop around the ankle is a pet peeve of Alpha's. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses why the socks fall and bag around the ankle. The key is to buy longer socks and wraps around your calf. Try socks on before purchasing them. Read More»

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