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Casual Shoes & Socks

Men's Style Essential: The Fashion Sneaker | How To Wear Casual Kicks

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Aureus Shoes
The fashion sneaker is the footwear option that blends comfort with style. They are a men's style must-have and add depth & variety to your wardrobe. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro talks about this fun and funky option and how to wear them.

You need a comfortable and functional shoe in casual situations that is also stylish. The fashion sneaker is the to-go option. A ton of brands are out there, but what you are looking for is a fashion sneaker that is versitle. Alpha presents and styles his fashion sneakers.

He digs his Aureus shoes so much because of the casual style (think *Stan Smith*) and look. He loves the quality nubuck leather too. The comfort is "ridiculous", and price is great too starting around $68! Alpha discusses the insert, soles, and injection molding (no glue). He is nuts that no shoelaces are featured; instead elastic is used to make them a slip-on. The tongue is also anchored with elastic so the shoe hugs your foot.

Alpha Styles His Kicks

  • Light gray fashion sneaks with cuffed chinos, fabric belt, simple v neck tee shirt
  • High top with slim fit cargo pants and casual white oxford
  • Red fashion sneaker with jeans and peacoat (funky and fresh!)
  • Dress down your suit in style with the light gray fashion sneaks, medium gray suit, simple v neck, and fabric belt.

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