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The $2 V-Neck Tee Shirt | Bargain and Budget Shopping

Alpha is telling you about a style secret that is going to keep you looking fresh and save you money. If you are anything like Aaron Marino of alpha m. you have that one perfect shirt.

For Alpha, that perfect is a white v-neck tee shirt.  That white v-neck tee shirt is versatile and has everyday wear-ability. Throw on the white v-neck with any of these and look great- jeans, shorts, sneakers, driving mocs, and more!

Alpha shares two different v-neck tee shirts. One is $40 and the other is $2. Alpha tries on the $40 shirt for viewers and evaluates. It fits nicely. The problem is the price! He then tries on the $2 shirt.

Where did he stumble on this find?

He was visiting a discount store and saw a pack of v-neck undershirts (Hanes). He tried it on-- it was big and baggy. But once at home, he washed and dried them which it fit much better. These shirts are actually 'tailored' because they're to be worn under shirts. It's a great option for saving money and looking good.

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Summer Styles and Trends | V-Neck Tee Shirts -
April 30, 2010
Professional male style expert and men's image professional, Aaron Marino, talks about his favorite summer fashion trend.  The v-neck tee shirt is not only classic and timeless, and it is stylish as well. You need a v-neck tee shirt in your warm weather wardrobe. V-necks are tee shirts with attitude. Don't be afraid to wear color. The way Alpha sees it, there are three types of v-necks. StandardRead More»

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