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M. Apparel Launch | Men's Clothes from Alpha M.

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Alpha is so excited because he can talk about a project he's been developing over the past few months. Announcing the M Apparel launch! So here's the deal.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. started Pete & Pedro 6 months ago, and it's been going great. The next logical step was an apparel line. Alpha has very specific and particular tastes. The road to an apparel line was not an easy one. It's been quite the undertaking while also building this new IAmAlphaM website.

The start is some staples that Alpha recommends and thinks you'll love. He cuts out the middle man, taking the apparel from factory to you. Over time, the apparel line will grow. M. Apparel is great clothes at a great price.

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The Perfect Shirt for All Shorts | Men's Summer Clothes -
April 30, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Have you seen the various colors and patterns of shorts this season? Alpha has come across pink and blue shorts. You never have to question what shirt to wear with these. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says the white  v-neck or crew neck tee shirt will go with any of these seasonal shorts. Take inventory of your white v-necks and crew necks and make sure they are lookiRead More»
V Neck Tee Shirts | The GAP  -
March 5, 2013
The GAP V Necks Alpha will take that one and that one and that one... gentlemen, The GAP has released this season's V Neck T Shirts for $16. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents the great news that The GAP now ships to 80 countries outside of the US! You can go V Neck crazy because you can't beat 16 bucks. Lots of options. If you order multiple colors, one of the colors should be a color outside of yRead More»
Summer Essential | Tee Shirts and V-Necks -
February 28, 2013
Alpha's absolute #1 go-to summer shirt in the world: simple v-neck T shirt. It's a stylistic step above the crew neck T shirt. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses varieties and depths of the v-neck T shirts. The deeper you go with a v-neck T shirt, you have to make sure your chest hair is manscaped. The three essential colors are white, gray, and black. Blue is okay too. They are relatively inexpenRead More»
Henley Layering Idea | Men's Three Button Henleys  -
December 26, 2012
Have you ever had a day where you need to step outside of your style comfort zone? Aaron Marino of alpha m. wanted to spice up his 3-button Henley. So he decided to wear the Henley on top of a button down shirt with a tie. He didn't want to look uptight so he threw on a pair of jeans and a four-in-hand-knot. He rolled the sleeves up and wore some wing tips. This is a cool combo thrown together.  Read More»

Undershirts That Stick Out From the Bottom -
December 26, 2012
To tuck or not to tuck? That is the question that we are going to tackle. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers the issue of the longer undershirt. You have this nice pull-over with a ratty old tee-shirt hanging out. The pull-over is sweet but is being ruined but he undershirt hanging out. The issue is that the undershirt is longer. What is the solution? Alpha recommends to buy smaller undershirts or siRead More»
How to Vintage a Tee Shirt | Customize Clothes -
November 28, 2012
You just can't beat a great vintage tee shirt. Aaron Marino of alpha m. loves his vintage tee shirt. Alpha describes how to make a new tee shirt and add the 'vintage' yourself. Watch the video as well as see the steps below the video. If you try it, let Alpha know how it works out! Supplies needed 1/4 c sodium carbonate washing soda 2 c salt 1 pack fine-grit sandpaper Tee shirt (one size larger tRead More»
Deeper V Neck Undershirts -
September 27, 2012
Canvas Unisex Deep V-Neck Tee One of the most controversial videos that Aaron Marino of alpha m. did on YouTube was about men's undershirts. People have strong opinions about undershirts. Aaron doesn't wear them for several reasons. However, if you need to wear an undershirt but you don't want it to show, many men wear v neck undershirts. Aaron discovered a deep v neck from a company, Canvas. If yRead More»
Threads 4 Thought | V Necks and Hoodies  -
September 27, 2012
Thread 4 Thought Burnout V Neck- black Thread 4 Thought Burnout V Neck- blue Thread 4 Thought Zip Front Tee Shirt Hoodie - heather gray Thread 4 Thought Zip Front Tee Shirt Hoodie - dark blue Thread 4 Thought Triblend Fleece Zip Hoodie What do you think of Alpha's hoodies? Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents Threads 4 Thought right here on IAmAlphaM! This company makes hoodies out of water bottlesRead More»
How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains -
September 25, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a simple trick to remove those unsightly yellow armpit stains. Antiperspirant deodorant causes the stains- specifically the aluminum. You could simply throw away your tee shirts or wife beaters; however, you can remove the stains simply. Bleach will make the yellow stains worse. OxiClean takes the yellow stains out of shirts, and actually removes any stain for thaRead More»

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