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Shirts, whether casual, business, or formal, are an essential piece of every man's outfit, which reflect his individual style and sense of fashion. The clothing industry has made great strides over the years, offering today's men countless shirt options beyond just color and fabric that meet our personal needs and express our personal taste. Long sleeve shirts offer an additional option short sleeve shirts don't – cuffs.

Although there are only several cuff styles to choose from, cuffs often identify the shirt type and help determine when to wear it; giving cuffs a significant importance.

Besides personal preference, the main consideration when choosing cuff style is whether you want to wear cuff links with the shirt or not. That decision should be based on the event you wear the shirt to, with casual and business shirts leaning towards no cuff links, while more formal attire welcomes them. Still, we have the option of wearing any dress shirt to any occasion without links, unless the cuff has no buttons.

Let's take a look at the three cuff styles and the recommended occasions to wear them.

1. Button or Barrel Cuff:  The most traditional and commonly used cuff, the button cuff can have from one to three built-in buttons; however, most shirts typically have a single button, giving the shirt more versatility. Typically, cuffs with more than one button are considered dressier, while single-button cuffs can be worn to anything from casual to formal events. The corners of the button or barrel cuff offer two styles: square or angled.  Either is acceptable and should be based on preference... if it matters to you at all. Some manufacturers offer "convertible" cuffs, which have both buttons and holes. These shirts give the option of removing the buttons, so cuff links can be used. Some finer shirts offer a smaller, additional button that is located between the cuff and the end of the cuff opening to prevent the sleeve from opening and exposing the wrist.






2. French Cuffs:  Definitely the most formal cuff, this classy style makes it the perfect choice for weddings, the opera, or any black tie affair. Obviously very dressy, this cuff is also worn by men in the banking and finance arenas, where dressy attire is expected.  This double cuff folds back and is always held in place with cuff links or fabric knots; lending to its distinct, sophisticated appearance. Consider the French cuff for your next formal affair to maximize your sense of elegance.






3. Turnback Cuff:  Starting to make a comeback, you may remember seeing Sean Connery sport this cuff in the first James Bond movie. This style combines the sophistication of the French cuff with the simplicity of buttons; eliminating the need for cuff links. This style cuff is dressy and best saved for formal wear.





Recognizing the various cuff styles and knowing when to wear them is a fairly simple task, yet don't be fooled by thinking they are not an important aspect of a shirt and outfit. Cuffs, along with the collar, are the only parts of the shirt that show when worn with a jacket. Show your fashion know-how by paying attention to this detail when choosing the appropriate shirt for every and all occasions. Something as simple as cuffs can make the difference between looking good and looking spectacular.

by Aaron Marino
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