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Casual Pants

Choosing Pants for Large Men | Big Boy Style

The majority of men have at least one body issue to consider when buying clothes and putting a wardrobe together.  Nature has not been quite as generous with handing out perfect body types as we wish she was, so, my motto is change what you can, and wear complementing clothes to disguise the rest.

Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to achieve with the vast assortment of styles on today’s market.  Learning which clothes to wear – to enhance your best attributes and conceal your problem areas – makes all the difference between looking okay and looking great.

This article is about choosing the best pants for the heavy set guy; which will take visual pounds off your body and give you a slimmer, taller and more streamline look.  Typically, heavier guys have a tendency to buy loose fitting, pleated pants that only make them look larger than they are.  Well, those days are over!  The next time you buy pants, use the following guidelines and I’m confident you’ll agree the new style transforms you into a lean, mean, stylin machine!

Flat front pants are slimming and streamline, and immediately take pounds off.  Forget the pleats because they only make you look wider and bulkier; causing you to appear heavier.  Suits pants are often pleated, but many of today’s designers now offer suits with flat front pants.

Mid-rise pants are your best choice because the waistline sits about an inch below your navel, which is the perfect place if you have a larger stomach.  Low-rise will cause the stomach to hang over the waist like a muffin top, and high-rise will make your torso look short; in addition to looking like you’re wearing women’s pants.  From jeans to dress slacks; mid-rise will be most flattering.

No cuffs, please!  Cuffs take away from the streamline look you’re going for.  They add extra fabric and tend to make you look bulky.  Short guys should definitely stay away from cuffs because they break the visual line and make you look shorter.  So, for weight and height sake… step away from the cuffs!

Pants with a more fitted thigh, as opposed to a big, baggy thigh, will make you look thinner and taller.  Get rid of the extra fabric if you don’t need it, since it only adds to your girth.  Wide leg pants are best avoided for the same reason.

You may have to put a little extra time and energy into finding pants that have these features.  Shop online for additional options beyond what many stores have.  Having suits custom tailored is a great way to maximize your look, if you’re unable to find appropriate suits off the rack.

Being a big guy doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfortable, current styles or look sharp and put together. It may be challenging to find brands that aren’t old school, but they’re out there.  Don’t let extra weight get in your way of looking and feeling your best.  Dress to reflect your true alpha image in a big way!

by Aaron Marino

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