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Pleated Pants Pet Peeve!

If you've been following me for a while, no doubt you're aware of my position on pleated pants.  For those who don't know where I stand, please read on because pleated pants are my #1 pet peeve!

Let me begin by saying I understand the confusion men have about this topic.  The clothing industry has dominated the stage with pleated pants for decades; designing the majority of suits with pleated pants.  Not only does this make it difficult to find flat front suit pants, but it sends the message that this is what men are suppose to wear.  Basically, we're not given much choice, yet, I'm here to say, "Don't buy into it!"

I realize there's truth in some of the selling points for pleated pants, whether they're suit, dress, or casual trousers.  Pleats add extra fabric to pants, making them looser and possibly more comfortable if you're heavy set or have big thighs.  Many older guys prefer the comfort over fashion, which I can also appreciate.  However, I say you can have both comfort and style with flat front pants, so no need to resort to pleats.

You may be wondering why I have an issue with pleats.

I mean, they're only pleats, right?  True, but don't believe they're so innocent.  Pleats have been making men of all sizes and shapes look frumpy and pear shaped for quite sometime.  They typically stick out, adding bulk around the mid-section, while giving the illusion of added weight and girth.  This happens no matter what your size, so whether you're over-weight or have the perfect body, pleats are not the least bit flattering and never make a guy look thinner.

Ideally, we all want to achieve a slim, streamline appearance, and that's what flat fronts do.  The flat front permits the eye to scan the body without interruption, since there is no additional fabric to cause a break in the flow.  In addition to the visual break, the added material ultimately makes you look heavier, especially when the pleats open up.  It's really that simple.

So, what can a guy do in this pleat crazy world of ours?

Fortunately, the designers are hearing us.  More and more manufacturers are designing suits with flat front pants, giving men an option.  It's not easy finding them, but they do exist, so keep looking.  Dress and casual slacks don't present as much a problem as suits do, since there are many separate, flat front pants available.

Gentlemen, whether you wear pleated pants or not is totally up to you.  You certainly won't look out of place or date when wearing them.  However, if pleats are your style, you may want to opt for pants with fewer pleats that aren't deep, which will minimize the bulk.

In conclusion, if you want to look even better by looking your best, try a pair of flat front pants on for size.  You won't be disappointed!

by Aaron Marino

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