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Pea Coat Perfection | Stylish Men's Outerwear for Winter

At 1:50, Alpha starts to go over one of his favorite coats, the pea coat. Aaron Marino of alpha m. first goes over the history behind the pea coat. Today's commercial pea coats are made of a lighter wool or poly-blend.

Pea coat is classic and timeless. Pea coats give a beautiful silhouette with the illusion of broad shoulders and slim waist. The golden rule of style is important - FIT! Outwear is no exception, so your pea coat must fit! Alpha recommends to SIZE DOWN. Try the smaller size and you will be amazed. It will feel tighter but not overly tight. What will happen is that the extra and excess fabric is cut out. You will look like the boss.

Pea coats characteristics

  • Pea coats come in navy blue, black, charcoal gray, tan, and lighter gray, but Alpha's personal recommendation is to purchase a charcoal gray since it works universally with other colors. There are also shades of charcoal gray. Steer on the lighter side. You need to be able to tell it's gray.Length - the jacket should cover your butt but no longer than the top 1/3 of your thigh (if longer, it would be a top coat which is better for the heavy set guy)
  • Larger lapel
  • Double breasted
  • Two rows of buttons which Alpha covers what to button and what not to button
  • Collar - pop the collar for a rugged edge and look


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