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Overcoat and Topcoat Differences

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the differences between an overcoat and topcoat.


The overcoat is full length. It's designed to be over a suit or sport coat, is typically double breasted, and is typically wool or cashmere.


The topcoat is made of wool or cashmere but is generally lighter weight. It's single breasted and three quarter length. It hits at the knee or just below. The topcoat can be worn more casually, such as with jeans. The topcoat is the more optimal choice of the two because it's more refined with cleaner lines. You can dress it up or dress it down.

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How to Clean a Leather Jacket | Pressing Leather Jackets -
June 21, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses when and how to clean a leather jacket as well as how to remove wrinkles. Aaron, once a year, takes his leather jackets at the dry cleaner. The jacket is returned clean and unwrinkled. Wrinkles usually only happen with really thin leather. In this case, hang the jacket but don't iron. Steam is another option. Don't try cleaning or pressing on your own- take your Read More»
Leather Jackets | Timeless, Classic and Sexy as Hell! -
March 23, 2012
In this video professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, talks about the men's leather jacket. The leather jacket is timeless, classic and ultra cool.  Aaron Marino has one goal... to help you look great and feel even better!  Men's style, fashion and wardrobe are all  areas that alpha m image consulting can help you.  We improve your confidence and self esteem from theRead More»

Custom Suits for Large Men | Big Boy Style -
February 16, 2012
Dressing Tips for Large Men Aaron Marino of alpha m. along with his friend, Matt, demonstrate the value of custom suits versus off-the-rack suits for the heavy guy.  Matt is 5 ft 9 in and weighs 245 pounds. He muscular but carries a lot of weight in his midsection. BEFORE: The shirt is big and baggy shirt making Matt look bigger. The jacket has a lot of extra room in order to accommodate his midsRead More»
Pea Coat Perfection | Stylish Men's Outerwear for Winter  -
December 30, 2011
At 1:50, Alpha starts to go over one of his favorite coats, the pea coat. Aaron Marino of alpha m. first goes over the history behind the pea coat. Today's commercial pea coats are made of a lighter wool or poly-blend. Pea coat is classic and timeless. Pea coats give a beautiful silhouette with the illusion of broad shoulders and slim waist. The golden rule of style is important - FIT! Outwear is Read More»
Men's Fall Coats | Lightweight Fall Jackets for Guys -
October 8, 2010
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going to Macy's for a cool, light-weight fall jacket. Macy's has a great selection and are up-to-date with what's in style. Jackets add depth to a great outfit by layering. Alpha finds 7 jackets to try on, and he describes and assesses each one in regard to brand, fabric, style, and price. He ends up going with the nylon INC jacket for $69. It's lightweight in black. HeRead More»

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