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Eyewear for Guys | Men's Glasses (Part One)

Eyewear for Guys | Men's Glasses (Part Two)
The Right Glasses Make a Statement
For Your Eyes Only | Choosing Glasses and Eyewear
I Am Frames and Face Shape
Perfect Sunglasses for Face Shape
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses glasses / eyewear in this video. He starts with finding out you need glasses and visiting the optometrist. After a period of time, the glasses are replaced with contacts. Full circle, you have to wear glasses again. This time, the glasses are stylish, cool, and complimentary. As a result, a common compliment is about the glasses you're wearing!

The reality is that some of us need glasses to read, to see far, or all the time. It's not a style handicapped. There are a tremendous amount of options.

Frame Options

  • Full frame
  • Partial rimless
  • Completely rimless


Glasses Shapes

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Mix


The big question- what is right for you? It depends on face shape. You want to create dimension and difference in dimension. If your face is round, stay away from round glasses. Go for oblong, rectangular, or rimless. No John Lennon glasses for you! If your head is square, stay away from square. Regardless of head or face shape, a partially rimless that is rectangular doesn't look bad on anyone.

Glasses are a fantastic way to up your style and game. Even if you don't need the glasses, you can throw them on like a belt. Alpha gives an example of Ricky who doesn't have prescription glasses but wears them anyway. Further, Alpha loves the different arms of the glasses. The arms are where the interest is placed on these glasses. He gives an example of Haman and his Versace glasses.

Glasses can be expensive too. Alpha found


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