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Bro Bracelets | Men's Wristwear

I remember when the only thing you’d see on a man’s wrist other than his watch was an ID bracelet. Shiny gold or silver proudly boasted his name or initials, signifying he was one very cool dude who had it all together. He looked sharp and fashionable; giving me the impression, even as a kid, that he was on top of his game.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen an ID bracelet, but the sight of a man’s bracelet still impresses me, telling me the wearer is someone who is fashion forward, and not afraid to show his individuality.

Men’s bracelets have been around for centuries in certain cultures, so they’re really nothing new; they just aren’t an accessory that’s caught on with modern man like watches have. That’s probably because we don’t need a bracelet like we need a watch, and, even more so, because bracelets have traditionally been worn by women. Well, gone are the days when women corner the market on bracelets. Men’s bracelets are huge today; with such a vast assortment there’s a bracelet for everyone and every occasion!

If you haven’t broken into the bracelet world because of feeling awkward and self-conscious, or simply because you don’t know how to wear one, this article should help dispel some of your concerns, and open the door to wearing an exciting and hot accessory!

Types of Bracelets

There are quite a few styles of men’s bracelets; each having countless versions to appeal to your individual taste. Like other jewelry, bracelets come in casual and dress varieties and everything in between; allowing the wearer the option of owning multiple styles to accessorize any outfit. From kicking back on a Sunday afternoon to attending a business meeting, bracelets are an acceptable piece of jewelry that compliment every wardrobe.

Metal Bracelets: Very handsome and masculine, these bracelets include all metals: from gold and silver to stainless steel and tungsten. They come in an assortment of styles to accent most outfits. I recommend choosing metals that match other accessories – rings, watches, necklaces, earrings and belts – which you’ll be wearing with the bracelet.

Wear a bracelet that coordinates with your outfit style and type, also. If dressed in a business suit, wearing a contemporary, understated, yet sharp bracelet will add to your “all business” sense of style. Avoid bracelets that look too casual, are ornate, overly bold, or showy with lots of diamonds or gemstones, which would look inappropriate for the office setting. However, wearing a suit to a formal occasion like a wedding inspires the use of more decorative bracelets that boast elegance and sophistication. Of course, the more conservative “office” bracelet would also work for pleasure with the right outfit. Jeans, sporty and business casual attires all look great with metal bracelets.

The only times I suggest not wearing a metal bracelet is when you’re dressed very casually, or for play, the beach, or when you want a laid-back or artsy bohemian look. If you’re looking for a very casual metal bracelet, check out copper bracelets, which are often very creative, unique and stylish. Metal bracelets are very versatile, and just like you choose the appropriate shirt or pair of pants to wear everyday, do the same with bracelets.

Metal bracelets run the gamut with pricing. Cost depends on the metal and other aspects of the bracelet; naturally those made of fine gold or platinum, with diamonds or gemstones, have a hefty price tag. Stainless, titanium and tungsten bracelets are a great alternative to the more expensive bracelets, and often have accents of black rubber or carbon fiber that add to the bracelet’s dimension and design. These are some of my favorites.

Rope Bracelets: These casual braided bracelets are definitely a favorite among many men. Typical materials include leather, hemp, gold, silver and copper; which being pliable, are great choices to make this bracelet’s design. Often, these bracelets are designed with a combination of various materials including beads, charms, wood and stones; however plain bracelets are probably most popular.

Rope bracelets are very masculine and stylish; with the natural, organic materials being more casual than the finer metal type. Leather, hemp and copper bracelets look great with a pair of jeans or shorts; while gold and silver, being dressier, nicely accessorize both casual evening wear and suits. Silver hardware dresses a leather bracelet up; adding to its versatility. Again, choose the right bracelet for your outfit, and you won’t go wrong.

Woven Bracelets: Typically made of nylon or leather, these bracelets are all the rage with guys layering multiples on their wrists, thanks to celebrities like Johnny Depp and Steven Tyler who started a new trend. These bracelets have been worn by teenagers, surfers and skateboarders for years – depicting a fun loving, carefree lifestyle. Today, these bracelets appeal to many young guys, who not only want to make a fashion statement, but wear them as a symbol of friendship, or just to separate themselves from the crowd.

If you’d like to wear a woven bracelet, and you don’t own a skateboard or go to high school, keep it to very casual times – like being at the beach or pool party, or just hanging out around the house.

Men’s bracelets should hug the wrist, without being able to hang down on the hand, or slide up the arm. If you’re unable to try a bracelet on for size, measure your wrist before buying. There is a countless assortment of men’s bracelets online, where you’ll be able to find many to suit your taste. Men’s department stores and specialty shops have great selections, also.

Whether to wear a bracelet or not is a very personal decision. However, be assured you’re not alone when wearing one. From Hollywood to your next door neighbor, bracelets are being donned by men throughout the world… and for good reason, too!

by Aaron Marino

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