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Simple Rule for Necktie Widths | Men's Ties

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The necktie have adopted this unique style accessory that is timeless but ever evolving. 17th century Croatians were the trendsetters who started the modern necktie with the cravat. Aaron Marino of alpha m. continues educating viewers about the evolution of the cravat to the scarves, handkerchiefs, bow-tie, ascot, bolo, clip-on, and then the long necktie.

Wool, silk, polyester, satin are materials that men's ties are constructed of. Alpha says you can't go wrong with the timeless and classic silk tie that can be worn any season. Satin is the 'finish' of the tie which can be included with silk or polyester. Satin shows picks and nicks from a mile away. Polyester is petroleum based product that looks like silk and is half the price. It also repels water but traps and holds odor (whether smoke or cologne) and can melt. Knit ties are another option with a variety of colors and widths.

What is happening with standard ties and their widths?! When do you wear what? What is appropriate? Alpha has you covered. He demonstrates with a graphic: 3.75 inch is widest, 3.5 inch is standard, and under 3.0 inch is considered slim. A 2.0 inch tie is a skinny tie.

Simple rule - match the width of your tie to the width of your lapel. He discusses how breaking this rule looks out of place. It's that simple! Can you go wider? Yes you can but it doesn't look as balanced or aesthetically appealing. It's all about balanced stylistically.

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