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Handling Multiple Cell Phones

A lot of men are toting around multiple phones during the day. How do you juggle them and where do you put them? Do you stuff them in your pocket or toss them in your briefcase? And is wearing the phone in a holster on your hip a fashion faux pas? Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses how to carry the cell phones.

Stuffing the cells into your pocket is not a good option.  Carrying the phones in your briefcase is awkward if you have to answer the phone. If you can avoid using a phone holster, do so as the look is clunky and cumbersome. Another option is to have calls forwarded to one phone. The problem is that if you make professional calls from the personal phone, the calls may not be paid for by the company. So, the best solution is the phone holster which is necessity but not fashionable. In this case, function over fashion is the answer.

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