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Tattoo Removal | Seventh Laser Tattoo Removal Session

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WIFH Laser Tattoo Removal
Alpha's tattoos - the youthful mistake that just won't go away! Aaron Marino of alpha m. has been going through a series of treatments to have them removed. The lamer the tattoo, the more difficult the removal? That's Alpha's hypothesis! He hasn't been diligent about going consistently, so he's been dragging the removal on for 2 years.

Alpha is back at WIFH Laser Tattoo Removal. Alpha displays what 5 sessions on his back looks like. He also shows the progress of his moon. The good news is that his back will fade over time so he can stop the laser treatment. More treatments could result in blistering and scarring. The moon will take a little longer.

The laser treatment is breaking up the ink. The frosting is a good reaction and an indication of breaking up the ink. Scavenger cells in the body come and eat up the ink thereafter. The cold air after the laser treatment protects the skin. He'll need 4 to 5 more treatments on the moon. The leg is tougher to remove with laser treatments than the back.

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