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Top 10 Men's Style Mistakes | Most Common Style Missteps & Fixes

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Easy Trick for Mastering the Tie Dimple
Shirt Length When Untucked
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is here to rectify style mistakes and missteps.
  1. Wearing clothes that don't fit properly - too big! Size down and get your key pieces tailored.
  2. Dirty shoes - work boots are acceptable when dirty, but if you are going on a date, clean your shoes!
  3. Too short pants - you pants need a single or half break. If you can see your socks when you're walking, your pants are too short.
  4. Not wearing the right belt with dress shoes - dress shoes should match the belt in finish and texture.
  5. Button the bottom button of your suit jacket - the bottom button is there for show.
  6. Wearing a silk tie and not having a dimple - the dimple takes practice, finesse, and trial-and-error.
  7. Wrinkled clothing - iron or turn the dryer back on to get the wrinkles out.
  8. Wearing a crew neck under a button-up dress shirt - v neck and deep v neck should be your choice.
  9. Wearing dress shirts untucked - you look like you're wearing a DRESS!
  10. Wearing the wrong socks with an outfit - you need to match the type of sock to the outfit you're wearing. Sporty socks don't go with dress shoes. Always match your socks to your pants which Alpha covers examples.

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