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Basic Watch Info from a Non-Watch Snob | Men's Watches

Watch Sizing Guide
Professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about basic watch information from the perspective of an average consumer.  Men's watches are a great way to look sharp and stay punctual. Many men are using their cell phone to tell time; however, your cell phone won't give you a competitive edge like a watch.

Watches fall into three categories:

  • Casual - it's grown in popularity recently, which Alpha gives examples as well as the Luminox he wears. If you are wearing jeans / shorts / sweat pants / athletic gear, the casual watch is appropriate. Anything else, wear a different type of watch.
  • Dress watches - it's slim, sleek, and timeless. They are great with suit, tux, or high-end business casual outfit.
  • Sport watch- perfect balance of casual and dressy and is the most popular type of watch


The size of the watch matters, and the face is measured in millimeters. Currently the minimum size is 40mm, which will look small on your wrist. Alpha's face of his watch is 44mm, which is almost as big as his wrist is and the maximum size it should be (the size of your wrist).

The watch can display time analog, analog chronograph, chronometer, digital, and more. The movement is another alternative which include quartz movement and mechanical (manual or self wind). Materials used and fine details can vary, which Alpha discusses. Alpha emphasizes to never wear a fake or knockoff watch. It's unthinkable.

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