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Matching Tie and Pocket Square | Yes or No?

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How many times have you been shopping and you find tie with a matching pocket square? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says not to wear a tie with a matching pocket square.

They shouldn't be cut from the same cloth because there needs to be a degree of contrast. Alpha discusses further why matching tie and pocket square is not recommended.

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Pressing Clothes | Iron Settings and Clothing Fabric -
May 14, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube In a period of two days, Alpha ruined a white dress shirt and melted a tie. He is helping you to prevent these mistakes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the iron settings and clothing fabric. Cotton and linen take high heat but lighter weight fabrics like silk and polyester take lower heat. He follows with details about his ironing mishaps. In summary, shut downRead More»
Knit Ties | How to Wear and What to Pair -
March 18, 2013
Over the past year, the knit tie is seeing a rebirth. But how and when to wear it? Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses that knit ties are made with cotton, wool, and silk. They are not all created equal, namely with the weave. Look for a tight weave. The width varies too- look for anything over 2 inches for not too small or big. Alpha thinks this tie is too casual for suits; however, knit ties are Read More»
Three Ways to Tie a Necktie | Four in Hand, Nicky, and Full Windsor Knots -
March 11, 2013
Alpha presents three methods to tie a necktie:  Four In Hand, Nicky,  and Full Windsor Knots. He also gives a dimple tutorial as an added bonus! These are Aaron Marino of alpha m.'s three favorite knots. He demonstrates small to large, from asymmetrical to symmetrical with the Four In Hand, Nicky Knot,  and Full Windsor Knots. Alpha films the demonstration in the mirror so that you will see herRead More»
Cotton Neckties -
February 28, 2013
Here comes spring – a fresh new season that opens the door to warm weather clothing! And while you're busy switching out your winter wardrobe with lightweight spring and summer garb, don't forget the cotton ties. Cotton neckties, although worn year round, take center stage once temperatures begin to climb. Cotton's versatile and prized qualities make it the perfect warm weather fabric. LightweigRead More»

The Eldredge Knot | Men's Ties -
February 13, 2013
How to Tie an Eldredge Knot We have talked about other tie knots, but if you are one of those guys who is looking for a knot with more pizzazz and zip, Alpha has just the thing. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't demonstrate as he hasn't tried to tie one. If you are looking to stand out and get attention, this knot will do it. It's a novelty knot.     Read More»
Wool Neckties | Men's Ties -
February 5, 2013
Cold winter temperatures are the perfect time to show off those fabulous, understated wool neckties that add class and dimension to every outfit they're worn with. Worn primarily in autumn and winter because of the fabric's warmth, wool ties have been gracing the necks of men for years. A recent surge in popularity has brought the wool tie to fashion's forefront once again and for good reason. WooRead More»
Polyester Neckties | Men's Ties -
January 8, 2013
Let's talk polyester. Polyester, the great silk lookalike, is an awesome necktie fabric that has a lot to offer. Considered cheap by some, modern technology has brought the creation of polyester unbelievably far; thus enabling polyester and polyester-blend ties to grace today's most prestigious men's shops and closets throughout the world. These ties rival some of the classiest ties available todaRead More»
Silk Ties -
December 13, 2012
My plan was to write an article about the various types of tie fabrics, but when I began to put it all together, I realized there's so much information about the subject, one general article would not do the topic justice. Instead, I decided to write a series of articles, this being the first, with each featuring a different tie fabric, which will allow us to cover more in-depth information about Read More»
Freshnecks | Men's Tie Business  -
December 12, 2012
Freshnecks Alpha's in the wrong business! Aaron Marino of alpha m. posted the *Netflix* of neckties about a month ago. And he thought that it was neat. Then a he was watching Shark Tank, and two attorneys have the same model which they say they are the first-to-market. Alpha calls **liar**! Then last week, a viewer sends a link about Fresh Necks. So Alpha figured it was a tie site... and it's theRead More»

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