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Match Sunglasses to Face Shape

You finally found the most awesome pair of sunglasses ever. They drip “alpha” all day long, and there’s no doubt in your mind they’re exactly what you need to look as hot as you feel. And then you try them on… only to find you can’t take them off fast enough! How often have you found yourself in the middle of that scenario? Pretty often, if you’re like most guys. So, what’s gone wrong? How can a pair of sunnies that you like so much, not be the perfect compliment to your charming face and exquisite image? Because it’s not about the glasses at all. Instead, it’s about the shape of your face, which ultimately determines which shape glasses look best.

Figuring out your face shape before starting your sunglasses search will save time and a lot of disappointment. So, for the perfect union between face and frame, check out descriptions below to identify your particular face shape… then let’s go shopping!

  • Square: Very angular, with a prominent square chin, and broad forehead and jawline.
  • Round: Face has few angles, full cheeks, and is equal in width and length.
  • Triangle: The picture labeled “Triangle” is actually an “Inverted Triangle”, which features the forehead as the widest point that angles to a narrower chin. A triangle or “pear shape” face is the opposite of the inverted triangle, with the jawline as the widest point that angles to a narrower forehead.
  • Oval: Forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the length is approximately one and half times the width.
  • Oblong: Much like the oval shape, it’s longer and narrower. The chin tends to be somewhat pointy.
  • Diamond: Face is widest at the cheekbones, with narrower forehead and jawline that are approximately the same width.
  • Heart: Forehead and cheekbones are wider than the jawline. Chin is on the pointy side.


There’s one rule to remember when shopping for sunglasses or any frame: opt for a shape that contrasts your face shape. The glasses should “offset” the face shape in order to give it balance. An example is a round face with rectangular glasses, as seen in the chart. The angular frames create definition and counters the roundness, as opposed to a round frame that would only accentuate and add to the round shape. Another example is the heart shape face that looks great with square or Aviator glasses because they add width to narrow cheeks. Basically, this theory uses glasses to maximize facial shapes in much the same way dressing for your body type enhances your build. Utilizing this important aspect of style will ensure you look as good in your sunglasses as you do in your clothing.

How to Determine Your Shape

Finding out your face shape isn’t difficult to do, so if you’re uncertain if you’re an oval or a square, a heart or a triangle, follow these simple directions, which will help make your sunglass mission a successful one.

  1. You’ll need a well-lit bathroom, a wall mirror, a flexible tape measure (cloth or plastic), paper and pen.
  2. Start by measuring across your cheekbones, from one side to the other. Write the measurement down on paper.
  3. Next, measure your jaw line. Find the back or corner of your jaw bone, which can be found under your ear. Measure from that point to the middle of your chin. Multiply that number X 2 and write it down. Or, measure from one corner, across the face, to the other corner and write the measurement down.
  4. Now, measure your forehead. Place the tape measure at the widest point, which can be found somewhere between your eyebrow and hairline towards the temple. Then, measure across the forehead to the other side, same point. Write down the measurement.
  5. Finally, measure the length of your face by starting in the center of your hairline. Bring the tape measure down over your nose to the tip of your chin. Again, write down the measurement.
  6. Compare your measurements to the face descriptions above and determine your face shape.


Sunglasses Styles

Today’s assortment of sunglasses offers numerous styles of frames and countless accents to choose from. Here’s a list of the recommended styles for each of the seven face shapes:


  • Square – TRY: Oval and round frames; glasses with temples that are center set or that connect at the top of the frame. AVOID: Geometric and square frames that accentuate angles of the face; low-set temples or color accents on the bottom of the frames that draw emphasis to the chin. Best Frames: Oval, round, Aviator/Pilot, Cat Eye
  • Round – TRY: Angular and geometric frames that sharpen facial features; rectangular and horizontal styles make faces appear longer and thinner; glasses with temples that connect at the top of the frame add length. AVOID: Small frames that are out of proportion; short frames that accentuate face length. Best Frames: Rectangle, Square, Shield, Wayfarer, Wrap
  • Triangle – TRY: Semi-rimless frames that accentuate the upper face; top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw; frame bottoms that angle inward. AVOID: Low-set temples that widen the jaw; narrow frames that are out of proportion. Best Frames: Cat Eye, Semi-rimless, Aviator/Pilot, Straight-top frames, Wayfarer
  • Oval – TRY: Most frame shapes work with oval faces; square, rectangular, and geometric shapes that add angles to soft curves. AVOID: Narrow frames that draw attention to narrow eye line. Best Frames: Rectangle, Rimless, Semi-rimless, Oval, Round, Aviator/Pilot, Shield, Square, Wayfarer, Wrap
  • Oblong – TRY: Tall frames that help create a shorter face; broad glasses with an accented top rim or decorative temple that adds width. AVOID: Small frames that are out of proportion; short frames that accentuate face length. Best Frames: Round, Square, Rectangular, Over-sized
  • Diamond – TRY: Upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones; oval frames that maintain balance; rimless styles that allow cheek bones to show. AVOID: Narrow frames that draw attention to narrow eye line. Best Frames: Fathom, Oval, Softly Curved Square, Aviator/Pilot
  • Heart/Inverted Triangle – TRY: Bottom-heavy frames that add width to lower face; styles with low-set temples to draw attention downward; narrow, round frames that soften the forehead. AVOID: Top-heavy styles that draw attention upward; decorative temples that accentuate the broad upper face. Best Frames: Cat Eye, Aviator/Pilot, Rimless, Round, Semi-rimless, Square


Hopefully, these recommendations are helpful, but remember every face is unique, regardless of its shape, due to its facial features. With that in mind, feel free to venture from the recommendations if there are frames you particularly like, or that people have said look good on you. Like everything else you wear, you must feel confident and comfortable in your sunglasses, since they are an expression of your individuality.

There are some fabulous online stores that have amazing selections. If you choose to shop online, I suggest you visit a retail store first, so you can actually try the various sunglass styles on before ordering.

Sunglasses are a fun, year-round accessory that can compliment your face and wardrobe in so many ways. Having more than one pair adds versatility to both your outfits and image.  Whether you have one or ten pairs, choose wisely and enjoy!

by Aaron Marino

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