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John Varvatos | Men's Sunglasses

John Varvatos | Sunglass Hut
Do you like them? They're new! Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants to give a product review on his new sunglasses. His John Varvatos sunglasses are cool with the gradient lenses.
  • John Varvatos also designs (license his name for) cologne and clothing.
  • His sunglasses are brown and tortoise shell.
  • They are the old Wayfarer style .
  • Aaron got them for around $180.

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Alpha's Sunglasses Tip  -
October 31, 2012
Today's tip is about sunglasses. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles, wear quality sunglasses. Aaron Marino of alpha m. advises not to wear your sunglasses on your head for a couple of reasons: (1) The arms stretch out (2) Your hair gunks up the lenses. Instead, put them in neck of your shirt or carry in a case in your man purse, satchel, computer bag, or briefcase. Read More»
Colored Contacts | Colored Contact Lenses -
October 17, 2012
So, is the answer 'yes' or 'hell no' to colored contacts? Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses investing colored contacts. He says that clear contacts are the route to go for a number of reasons. The only reason you should be doing it is for Halloween. You aren't fooling anybody. When you look at the colored lenses, you can't help to stare. Alpha feels badly for them as well because it's not needed.Read More»
Eyeglasses and Frames | Oliver Peoples -
October 15, 2012
Oliver Peoples Aaron Marino of alpha m. says this video is for all of the four-eyed fellas.  He has fallen in love with a new designer, Oliver Peoples. Aaron displays an example of this designer's sexy styles. These frames are a bit expensive, but if you are wearing glasses all the time and want a signature, these frames may be worth it. Think of your glasses as an accessory rather than a necessiRead More»
Prada PR 51OS Sunglasses | Men's Sunglasses -
September 7, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. give a review about Prada sunglasses. He found a new selection of men's sunglasses at The Sunglass Hut in Macy's and purchased a new pair of Prada PR 51OS. The sunglasses feature a gradient lens and small silver details. The sunglasses are light weight and are comfortable. He got them on-sale to boot! Read More»

Costa Del Mars | Men's Sunglasses  -
June 15, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. was at the beach and observed guys wearing the same type of sunglasses. The sunglasses feature reflective lenses with waves icons. The type of sunglasses were Costa Del Mars where you can build your own pair of sport sunglasses with different combinations. These sunglasses started in the Florida Panhandle. These sunglasses are sporty and an option to Oakley and Bolle. The Read More»
Clip-on, Transition, or Prescription Shades | Men's Sunglasses -
June 13, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. points out pros and cons of clip-on, transition, and prescriptions sunglasses. Clip-ons attach to your regular glasses to create sunglasses. You have to carry the clip-on in a protective case with you. The change of style from regular glasses to sunglasses doesn't change. Transition lenses change level of shade according to lightness or darkness. Your style doesn't changeRead More»
For Your Eyes Only | Choosing Glasses and Eyewear -
May 8, 2012
Choosing a pair of eyeglasses doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult, but with the gazillion choices of eyewear we have available today, picking out the perfect pair of specs is more like a science project than anything else. Face shape, skin tone, hair and eye color, life style, and wardrobe are all factors in selecting the most complimentary eyewear.  It's simply no longer about chooRead More»
Sunglasses for Men | History, Protection, Styles -
April 20, 2012
Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape Persol Sunglasses Ray-Ban Sunglasses If you would have told Sam Foster in 1928 that his little novelty would revolutionize the way that humans saw the world, he probably would have laughed. And if you would have told him that his invention would we a worldwide style staple, he would have told you to shut the hell up. And if you told him that his goofy trinketRead More»
Preventing Crows Feet or Eye Wrinkles | Men's Sunglasses -
March 6, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to prevent crows feet by reducing squinting. Crows feet are lines and wrinkles that develop around your eyes. He recommends wearing dark sunglasses. Alpha really loves the brand, Persol. At the end of the day, Aaron doesn't have as many fine lines and wrinkles since he's not squinting as much. Combine the dark sunglasses with some moisturizer and you are combRead More»

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