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The Right Eyewear Makes a Statement! | Men's Glasses

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If Alpha has said it once, he's said it 136 times- glasses are not a necessity but an amazing accessory. The right pair of eyewear can enhance your handsome. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about a client that went from *ehhh, super boring and looking old* to looking *upbeat and current* by simply changing his specs.

Recently, Alpha worked with Joe who is a successful and nice looking 60 year old. By adding fresh and interesting glasses that add character to Joe, his image can completely change.

  • First, he got suited up with a super slick suit.
  • Next, his haircut was super boring. Tightening it up by combing up and over, he'll look more angular to elongate his face.
  • Finally,  Alpha and Joe went glasses shopping. The full frame was too heavy. The semi-rimless is what was needed for dimension and balance as well as character and edge.


Check out the before and after for the drastic improvement. Joe looks 10 years younger! The transition and transformation excited Alpha to the point that he wanted to share it with viewers. Think of glasses as an opportunity rather than an obligation.

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