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Virtual Makeovers | Aaron Marino Style Interventions

Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to enhance your image. He gives examples of his style interventions.

Virtual Makeovers

  • John - he starts with his hair and then progresses to changing his clothes to fitted.
  • Miguel - grow more pronounced eyebrows and a soul patch
  • Milan - needs a dramatic hairstyle as well as his clothes need to fit rather than over-sized
  • Pishar - put down the fiber and get a shorter hair cut; the jeans need to fit better; stick to blue or black Chucks
  • Ravdeep - the clothes need to fit better rather than baggy; losing weight is also advised (nothing has more of a dramatic impact)


Before and After

  • Jeff - he started eating better and exercising and lost 25 pounds! Great job!
  • Gorav - wow!! In six months, he lost 25 pounds doing cardio and tennis. He looks awesome!
  • Bieber - fire your stylist! You look like a member of the Flock of Seagulls!

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Dark Under Eye Circles | Causes, Treatment, Cure -
February 12, 2011
Some days when you wake up, do you feel tired? Tired also means old, ugly, hung-over, and strung-out. The point is that when someone says you look 'tired' means that you don't look so hot. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that dark under eye circles can age a person more than gray hair and wrinkles. If persisting, dark under eye circles could be a illness or darker pigmentation where the melanin accuRead More»
Coloring Men's Hair | Covering Gray Hair -
July 23, 2010
Professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, talks about the options to cover gray as well as how to dye hair to look great and natural. There are two reasons to color hair: cover gray hair or to have fun. Experimenting with Hair Color You can completely change you hair color, because you can always change the color back. What do you have to lose? You can also add highlights,Read More»

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