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Haircut Prices

How much do you pay for a quality haircut? This week alone, three guys asked what they should expect to pay for a good haircut at a mid to high-end salon. None of these gents were from Atlanta, so I was at a loss of what to say, but it got me thinking.

So, I decided to do my research and called six salons in each of the following cities: Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami, and inquired about the cost of men's haircuts. With the help of a map, I did my best to pull from salons throughout the cities, and did not just randomly select them. I based my sampling on these requirements: city location (no suburbs), multicultural, 4+ star rating, and private ownership (no chain salons).

The review consists of the lowest and highest prices, plus the most common quote I was given by each city. It was a fun experience whose results surprised me at times. I realize the cost of living varies according to city, but I must admit, the exercise found me happy and relieved to live in Atlanta and not New York!

 US Haircut Price Survey

City                                         Low           High               Average

Atlanta, GA:                          $35.00        $108.00          $45.00

Los Angeles, CA:                  $25.00        $65.00            $45.00

New York, NY:                      $50.00        $300.00          $90.00

Chicago, IL:                            $30.00        $200.00         $75.00

Miami, FL:                              $30.00        $93.00           $50.00

Dallas, TX:                              $30.00        $50.00           $45.00

Again, these prices are just a sampling, but I think they fairly represent each city. For more fun, I also checked in with a few barbers and was surprised to find their prices higher than I expected, with New York coming in at $42.00. Man, times have changed since the $3.00 haircut I remember my grandfather getting!

Feel free to comment on what you pay at your salon, no matter where it's located. I'm especially interested in hearing prices from other countries. Not that it means a whole lot; it's just interesting to see what's happening in the world of hair.

by Aaron Marino

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