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Home Haircut Tutorial I Back and Side Blending

How To Cut The Top Of Your Hair
DIY Easily Fade and Taper Hair | Cut Sides and Back of Hair at Home
How to Cut Your Hair | (Sides and Back) Part 1 of 3
How to Cut Your Own Hair | (Top) Part 2 of 3 
How to Cut Your Hair | (Edges) Part 3 of 3 
How to Cut Your Own Hair | Short Hair Cut
Aaron Marino of alpha m. has been letting the top of his hair grow-out. The sides go crazy during this time, so it doesn't look as tight as it should. He demonstrates how he trims his hair between trips to the barber.

Individual results may vary! It does take practice. Remember it's hair and will grow out.

He's beencutting his own hair throughout his entire life. He enjoys doing it. Once you practice, it's not that complicated. He is able to keep things tight between visits with Stephen.

Supplies: sharp hair cutting scissors, comb, attachments as described, clippers, and a hand-held mirror.

When Alpha is blending and fading, he proceeds with dry hair. He does wet the top to keep hair out of the way and keep part tight. Alpha describes how to determine the placement of your part.

Alpha then starts to demonstrate how to fade with the clippers (largest attachment). Thereafter, get a hand-held mirror to see the back of your hair. He gets it as good as he can, but in a week & 1/2, Stephen will clean it up professionally. At the top, he's not touching his scalp. He's blending better.

Switch to next shortest attachment. Fade up part way to blend seamlessly. In the back, go to about the center of the head and pull out. Rock the clipper out in order to fade it. The shortest attachment is last in order to blend as demonstrated. Don't go crazy and go to far. Nice and low to complete the back. Next edge along your ears. Edging your neck is the tricky part, and you may need help so it's doesn't get jacked-up.

Time for a shower and then style the new haircut. It's a 7 minute haircut that is passable under the circumstances. It takes a bit of time, energy, and finesse. With practice, you will be proficient enough.

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