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Skin Care

Tanning Lotion Options | Sunscreen and Sunblock

Sunburn isn't a joke, so today we're talking about sunblock. Nothing's worth than getting an incredibly bad sunburn. You've seen that incredibly bad sunburn guy- maybe he's been you. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a simple way to prevent that!

Sunscreens and Sunblocks

  • All suncreens / sunblocks have SPF and it's located on the front of the bottle. The SPF is the amount of rays that are being blocked. SPFs can go up to 100, which is like a shirt in a can.
  • Some of the sunscreens have a bronzing agent in it as well, which is a tan tint.
  • Any SPF under 25 or 30 doesn't protect much. Alpha grabs 50 if it's his first time in the sun. Also don't trust that it's waterproof. If you go in the water, reapply when you come out.
  • Spray sunscreens allow for great coverage and easy application.
  • Remember areas that you don't think about when apply: tops of feet and tops of ears. Apply evenly and all over your body.
  • A big, wide-brimmed hat also can help to block the sun.

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