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Revision Vitamin C Lotion | Facial Anti Aging Antioxidant

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Revision Vitamin C Lotion, 15%, 1 Fluid Ounce
About a year ago, he saw a picture and he was shocked by how old he looked. Since then, Alpha has been waging anti-aging warfare on his face. His anti-aging education keeps coming back to antioxidants and, more specifically, Vitamin C.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses free radicals and how they attack cells. Free radicals age your skin by damaging collagen. Reduction of collagen (a protein) causes less elasticity which results in fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C lotion fights free radical damage and helps to invigorate collagen production. It also reduces fine lines and fights age spots and evens out skin tone.

Alpha has been using Revision, a Vitamin C lotion, for about 3-months. This video is not a paid sponsorship; Alpha is simply telling you about what he's been using. He can tell a difference around his eyes. People also say he looks healthier. He uses it once a day (2 pumps) all over his face after cleaning. Revision is the base before he applies moisturizer. The strength that Alpha uses is 15% because 30% has been reported to cause irritation and flaking.

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