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Dark Under Eye Circles | Causes, Treatment, Cure

Some days when you wake up, do you feel tired? Tired also means old, ugly, hung-over, and strung-out. The point is that when someone says you look 'tired' means that you don't look so hot.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that dark under eye circles can age a person more than gray hair and wrinkles. If persisting, dark under eye circles could be a illness or darker pigmentation where the melanin accumulates in that area.

Common reasons for dark under eye circles

  1. Allergies and gluten allergies
  2. Inadequate sleep
  3. Nasal congestion
  4. Poor nutrition
  5. Lack of exercise
  6. Too much alcohol
  7. Too much caffeine
  8. Heredity


Treatment and Reduction

  • Frozen spoons
  • Cucumbers
  • Tea bags
  • Concealer with powder foundation


The trick to to figure out the lifestyle factor and fix it. It all comes down to taking care of yourself. Take care of the inside and the outside with radiate with wholesome goodness!

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