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Hair on Your Head

Coloring Men's Hair | Covering Gray Hair

Professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, talks about the options to cover gray as well as how to dye hair to look great and natural. There are two reasons to color hair: cover gray hair or to have fun.

Experimenting with Hair Color

You can completely change you hair color, because you can always change the color back. What do you have to lose? You can also add highlights, frosting, low-lights, foils, and more. In Alpha's opinion, getting a bunch of colors in your natural hair is *stupid*.

Covering Gray

Every one of us will go gray, which is losing pigment in the hair. The age of turning gray can vary from high school onward. If you are real young and you start to go gray (under 30), dye your hair if you don't feel confident. The conundrum is when you are older and you start to go gray. Some people are secure with themselves and don't care about the salt-and-pepper look but some aren't. If you do decide to cover your gray, make sure to pick a color that is similar to your normal shade of hair color.

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