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Hair on Your Head

How to Pick a New Men's Hairstyle | Time for a New Style?

Dyar and Posta Salon
Aaron Marino Virtual Grooming
Two months ago, Alpha made a tough decision about a new hair style. Change is needed and essential to stay fresh and current. He bit the bullet. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over the steps for finding a new hair style.

Deciding on the length is the first step. The Alpha called a professional, his friend Stephen, who said to let his hair grow for a month. After a month of growth, he got it trimmed. Then he let it grow for another month. Now it's time for another shape-up and the decision of the new style.

Key Elements When Picking Out New Hair Style

  • Hair texture - thick, thin, wavy, curly, kinky, straight, thinning, balding. Alpha's hair is thick with wave.
  • Hair line


Next, perform Google searches for options. Print them out and take to your hair stylist. Alpha searched for men's medium length, wavy hair styles. He displays the three pictures he selected. Stephen says that they're all the same but just styled differently. Alpha gets a razor cut for more texture and more definition. Stephen demonstrates how to style Alpha's new cut.

Styling Advice for Longer Hair

  • Don't completely dry hair when applying product - towel dry, hit it will hair dryer, apply product
  • Product should be forming cream (American Crew) which is lighter



  • If you've had the same hairstyle for a long time, it's time for a change
  • Decide on length and determine what your hair texture and hair line are
  • Google search styles based on length, texture, and hair line
  • Take three style examples to your hair stylist as a reference point
  • Make sure you tip your hair washer $5 as well as tip your hair stylist

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