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Hair Style

Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

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Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
How should you pick a new men's hair style?  Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes that you should identify your face shape first by watching this video: Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape. After identifying your face shape, multiple hair styles work for multiple face shapes:
  • Round face shape: go for hair styles that are angular and offer dimension (stay away from big, rounded hair styles)
  • Oval face shape: most hair styles compliment this face shape; however, avoid heavy bangs
  • Square face shape: soften hair style
  • Triangle face shape: you can get away with most styles as well as longer styles


Two main factors to consider when deciding what hair style is suitable:

  1. Hair texture- wavy, curly, straight, thin, thick, balding
  2. Hairline- receding front or side, squared off, widow's peak


Find a celebrity that matches your hair texture and hair line thereafter. It's not necessarily about the hair cut as much as how you style it- it's all about the length, the product as well as how you style it. Try three styles, starting with the longest style first. Once you have gotten a new hair cut, make sure your stylist shows you how to style it on your own. Ultimately, be realistic about your hair.

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