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Hair Style

How to Cut Your Own Hair | Short Hair Cut

Wahl Styler 19-Piece Complete Haircutting Kit
Professional male image expert and stylist, Aaron Marino, shows you how to cut your own hair. Alpha demonstrates how he cuts his hair and what tools you will need in order to do it yourself.

Alpha is going to cut his own hair, and he's taking you along. He can do his cut by himself. It's more of how you style your hair rather than the cut. Tools needed are: quality Wahl clippers, attachments #2 / #3 / #4, hand-held mirror, and scissors.

He starts with dry hair that doesn't have any product in it. He sets up and starts his hair cut. Watch the video for the demonstration with explanation. When he's finished, he knocks out his facial hair. After he's out of the shower, he styles his hair after towel drying.

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