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Hair Loss

Hair Loss... Now What?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re dealing with some sort of hair loss; like 2 out of 3 men will at some point in their life.  Hair loss is an absolute downer, but doesn’t have to mean youth and image are lost.  It’s a fact of life for most men, so finding ways to accept and properly deal with it will make the situation less emotionally painful and more successfully controlled.

This article’s going to discuss some dos and don’ts of hair maintenance for those of us who are faced with nature’s challenge.  Not that these suggestions will guarantee your hair loss will stop, but they should slow it down and help you keep what you have.

By the time you realize you’re losing more than the typical 85 -100 hairs a day, hair loss has probably begun and is somewhat obvious… to you, at least.  Actually, it’s not so much about how many hairs you lose everyday, but the fact that what’s lost is not being replaced.  For a more in depth explanation on why men lose hair and hair loss treatments, visit my article “Hair Loss in Men – Causes and Treatments” and other great articles in the Hair Loss section.

For most men, hair loss is due to male pattern baldness (MPB), which is directly associated with testosterone – the very hormone that makes us masculine.  It, combined with genetics, is responsible for this type of hair loss, so there’s not much we can do to avoid it.  However, there are things we can do to arrest hair loss and prevent losing too much.  Some treatments require a doctor’s prescription, but others do not and can be bought over the counter.  Rogaine, available in most pharmacies, has been around for years and is the most popular non-prescription hair loss treatment for MPB.  However, it’s recommended to see a qualified doctor for a consultation and diagnosis on hair loss as soon as you notice thinning.  Not all hair loss is due to MPB, so it’s best to rule out other possible causes, which a doctor can do.

Whether you choose to use pharmaceuticals or not, thinning hair needs to be handled with care, so the situation is not aggravated or worsened.  Here are some simple, common sense things you can do to help hold onto your mane and look great in the process.

1)      Wear a short hair style, since a closer crop minimizes exposed scalp.  Long hair has a way of drawing attention to it.  I’m not talking a buzz cut, necessarily, but short.  Resist the urge to wear a comb over.  It’s yesteryear’s style and way of dealing with the situation.  Today, styles and trends have expanded to include low and no-hair fashions.

2)      Keep hair and scalp clean.  Although sebum (oil) build up is not typically the reason for hair loss, it can make matters worse by clogging hair follicles; interfering with their health and performance.  Testosterone has a way of making our skin secrete a lot of oil; including on our scalps.  There are brands of shampoo that address hair loss, which thoroughly clean your scalp and strengthen hair.

3)      Hair conditioners can be used after shampooing, but choose a lightweight one that’s not too greasy or heavy, and preferably one with added nutrients to nourish the scalp and hair.  Some conditioners called “volumizing conditioners” include ingredients that cause the outer layer of hair, or cuticles (similar to overlapping roof shingles), to open up or stick out; giving the hair a thicker appearance and feel.  There are also volumizing shampoos, which give hair the same affect.
4)      Avoid hairdryers and vigorous towel drying, since these can be very aggressive and cause additional hair to fall out.  Gently pat hair with a towel to remove excess water after shampooing or anytime hair gets wet.

5)      After shampooing, use only a wide tooth comb, or, better yet, your hands for styling.  Forget using brushes or fine tooth combs because they pull on hair, inviting more loss.  Be sure to comb gently to avoid scratching and damaging the scalp.

6)      It’s best to wait until hair is dry to style.  Wet hair is at its most fragile and vulnerable; where dry hair is stronger and more resistant to tugging, and less likely to fall out.

7)      Don’t overdo the styling products.  The fewer chemicals you put on your scalp, the healthier and happier it will be.  Gels, foams, pomades, waxes, sprays, etc. clump individual strands of hair together, causing more scalp to be exposed than necessary.  Going light on the products, in addition to using suitable ones, will enable the hair to stay separated and cover more scalp.  If possible, wear a style that doesn’t need any styling products.

8)      Massage your scalp gently everyday to bring circulation to the follicles.  Another way of bringing blood to your scalp is to hang your head off the side of a bed for a few minutes everyday.  Hey… whatever it takes!

9)      Speak with your hairstylist about your situation.  He or she should have some professional advice to give you.

10)  Research natural products like Saw Palmetto that can be effective in controlling MPB.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help manage your hair loss.  Regardless, remember a receding hairline or other baldness doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a great look and sharp image.  It’s simply a time for you to change your hairstyle, and possibly add facial hair if you don’t already wear some.  Facial hair draws the eye’s attention to it, which will divert attention from the top of your head.  Fortunately, bald or shaven heads are in style and are another great option.  Seen on men of all ages, bald heads look cool, especially when teamed up with facial hair.

Don’t let hair loss get the best of you.  As important as hair is to each of us, it does not define us as men.  Fortunately, we live in an age when any and all hairstyles are acceptable, so take advantage of this and relax.  Besides, no one really believes that Samson story anyway, do they?

by: Aaron Marino

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