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Hair Loss

Cure Baldness | Stop Hair Loss Permanently

Male Pattern Baldness | Simple Natural Solution
Professional male image expert, Aaron Marino, talks about a very sensitive topic to most men- going bald.  Alpha discusses hair loss prevention and cures because going bald is a hard thing and doesn't have to be. His opinion is that erectile dysfunction and hair loss are the two scariest things that can happen to a man.

90% of men will experience some type of hair loss or baldness. There are a zillion products that claim to help such as Rogaine and Propecia as well as laser combs. Men can also use Hair in a Can spray, hair pieces, and plugs. Unless you're spending the big bucks, people can notice hair pieces. If you're losing your hair, trim it real short and grow facial hair. That will draw the eyes down and balance you out. Get a great pair of glasses with cool frames.

Stop or Slow Hair Loss

  • Take hair shorter - length causes hair to fall out faster
  • Don't wear a hat
  • Use good shampoo

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