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Hair Loss

(Client Bob) Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios

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Client John Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios
Client Almir Non-Surgical Hair Replacement with Jentis Studios

Jentis Studios
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Alpha is back at Jentis Studios with Curtis Jones for another exciting nonsurgical hair treatment. Bob was using a thicker system attached with tape and is getting changed to a full-head bond with a thinner system. He will have more of a hair line and more choices of hair style.

Bob has been wearing a system for approximately 15 years. He feels more confident and loves it. When he's meeting new people, he wants to look the best he can. Since he's been using a system for a long time, he's experienced snap, tape, fusion / weave, and now today's undetectable system.

Does Bob notice hair pieces? It's his major concern. Since he has a unit, he looks for units on other men. He notices mismatched coloring and units that look *thrown on*. He is concern about how his unit looks. With a good system, you have no idea the person is wearing it.

The full head bond is attached, cut, and styled. Check out how natural his hair looks! Bob can't stop smiling - it's looks great! Bob feels great! Congratulations Bob!



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