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Facial Hair Styles

Facial Hair Grooming Tips | Beard Grooming and Designer Stubble

Philip's Norelco QT4050
Throughout history, men have rocked the full beard. People are still rocking the full beard, but fashion forward men are opting for the designer stubble. It's like the 5 o'clock shadow with intention.

Alpha displays what his facial hair looks like if he hasn't shaved in a while. The two tools that he's using are a cheap razor and high quality facial grooming tool (Philip's Norelco QT4050).

  • Let your facial hair grown in for 1-week
  • Get your grooming tool
  • Go over with level 3
  • Then go to level 2, just up higher on the cheeks for a fade
  • Take guard off to clean up and define boundaries (soul patch, mustache)
  • Clean shave edge of jaw, following contour (be sure to watch demonstration by Alpha)
  • Get shaving cream and outline areas
  • Shave with razor
  • Use a comb and clippers to shorten sideburns

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