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Manscaping | Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to groom your eyebrows. Men need to take care of their eyebrows just as women do.

Your eyebrows don't need to be exactly symmetrical. Check your eyebrows every three days. When you do your eyebrows, trim your nose hairs too.The four tools you need to manage and groom your eyebrows: quality tweezers, small scissors, fine tooth comb, and pencil or something straight.

  • To use the pencil, you are finding where your eyebrow starts and stops as well as where to arch. Aaron demonstrates how to use the pencil for all three aspects (start, stop, arch).
  • Next is tweezing all unwanted hairs including under your eyes.
  • The brush and little scissors will be used to cut the long hairs. Against the grain, lift them up and trim.

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