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Body Hair

Grooming Nose Hair | Nose Hair Waxing

Alpha has no idea if this is going to hurt - that is why he's doing this video! Apparently all three of his less than fashion forward friends get their nose hair waxed. Alpha plucks his nose hair so he can't imagine the pain pulling them all at one time. He likes the sound of having the nose hair not growing back for 3 weeks and that less-and-less grows back each time. Is it safe? Alpha researched and found nothing to say it's not.

Alpha visits a waxing salon and has his nose waxed. Take a peek at the process. Alpha displays the after on the 'hair Popsicle'. The 2nd nostril has to be repeated.

The process is less than enjoyable but not as bad as he anticipated. Not being able to breath out of his nostrils was the most annoying. The pain only lasts seconds. Alpha liked the quick, easy, and inexpensive waxing.

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