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Removal Options

Manscaping | Plucking, Clippers, Shaving, Waxing, Electrolysis, Laser

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses some hair removal options which some are quick, some are slower, some are painless, and some are not:
  1. Plucking is good for single hair removal and tight spaces.
  2. Hair clippers are for covering big areas of your body. Be careful if it's your first time because you can cut yourself.
  3. Shaving is great for short hairs only.
  4. Waxing is for anywhere, for delicate areas, and for fine areas. It lasts 3x as long as clipping and shaving.
  5. Electrolysis is good for removing small areas of hair. They insert a small probe into the follicle and the hair dies. You may have to go back for multiple treatments.
  6. Laser hair removal zaps sections of hair. Each time it grows back, it comes in thinner. 90% is permanent, and 10% is sprigs coming back.


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October 7, 2011
Alpha has no idea if this is going to hurt - that is why he's doing this video! Apparently all three of his less than fashion forward friends get their nose hair waxed. Alpha plucks his nose hair so he can't imagine the pain pulling them all at one time. He likes the sound of having the nose hair not growing back for 3 weeks and that less-and-less grows back each time. Is it safe? Alpha researchedRead More»
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June 23, 2011
Alpha's manscaping regimen is pretty involved, and in this video, he details his methods. He also provides tips so you don't get razor burn and nicks. Aaron Marino of alpha m. provides manscaping tips. Alpha shaves his legs, arms, chest, feet, butt cheeks ... almost everything. Many athletes shave their bodies, which he gives examples and reasons why. He shaves because he likes it. He likes the loRead More»

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