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On-the-Go Grooming Lifehack

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Fresh Richie | One Box Free!
Aaron Marino of alpha m. uses wet wipes, and he feels comfortable telling the world because there's not shame in his butt-wiping game. Plus, Alpha likes to be fresh post poop production as well as keep the boys fresh. Nothing kills your game worse than musky nuts! By the end of the day, even if you use powder, you are stinky!

Alpha keeps a tub in every bathroom of his household. But when he leaves his house, he uses the on-the-go grooming lifehack: the Fresh Richie. They are single serve sanitizing wipes. They are black, sexy, and simple. They can be carried in your pocket, manbag, glove compartment, and desk.

Now when you're at the office, slip a Richie in your pocket, do your business, wipe, and you're clean as a daisy. It's like eating crab legs at a restaurant. After you're done eating crab, you smell like crab and you still have butter on your fingers if you just use a regular napkin. If you use a wet wipe, you're all clean and fresh. Same thing applies when pooping in public!

Fresh Richie's are the real deal. They are handy, affordable, and keep you fresh. They even taste fine - it's a win! You need to keep this product in your dopp kit or murse. Now you have no excuse for not being sparkling clean, even when you're in public.

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