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Chest Hair

Manscaping Tips | How to Manage Pubes

Alpha's manscaping regimen is pretty involved, and in this video, he details his methods. He also provides tips so you don't get razor burn and nicks. Aaron Marino of alpha m. provides manscaping tips.

Alpha shaves his legs, arms, chest, feet, butt cheeks ... almost everything. Many athletes shave their bodies, which he gives examples and reasons why. He shaves because he likes it. He likes the look and the feel- simply personal preference. Manscaping- it's a personal preference with no right or wrong.

Alpha Grooming Regimen

  • Legs - shaves thigh, knee, lower leg, feet but he uses the clippers on the back of his legs
  • Butt cheeks - uses clippers
  • Upper body - shaves from elbow down and hands; upper part of arm (doesn't shave or use clipper); armpits with clippers; shaves chest; belly button down (happy trail) is left but is shortened with the clippers
  • Pubes - clippers without attachment make a trail down
  • Balls - before you do anything, take clippers and make the attachment longer to go over your balls. Then lather them up, pull tight, and shave with a razor.

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