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Wearing Suit Jacket as Sport Coat | Supplements for Teenagers

Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses two questions.

Question 1: Should you keep your men's suit jacket when the suit pants don't fit?

Take the pants to the tailor and see if they can let the pants out. Typically, pants can be let out by 2 inches. You may get more wear out of the suit. If you can't do that, then definitely save the jacket and wear it as a sport coat.

Question 2: What are some supplements for a 16 year old who is trying to get buff?

Creatine, CLA, and other supplements are not advised. Your body is like a testosterone producing factory with the perfect conditions for progress with proper nutrition and workouts alone. Take a good quality multivitamin from whole foods concentrates.

Past Topics

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Symmetrical Muscles | Body Symmetry  -
July 5, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses if your muscles not symmetric and how to fix. The most important aspect of body building is symmetry.  You don't want huge biceps and skinny legs- you want to balance. Aaron's favorite symmetric body builders are Frank Zane and Flex Wheeler. The idea of symmetry is abstract since 99.99% are not symmetric. Look at your fingers and finger nails. One hand is biggerRead More»
Alpha's Body Building Story | Aaron Marino -
June 26, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. answers viewer questions about his body building career. He shares a picture of himself when he was body building at 140 pounds and shredded. He is now about 152 pounds and relatively lean. When he was around 11 years old, he started working out. At 12 years old, he received a gym membership as gift from his Mom. By the time he got to high school, he had as much muscle masRead More»
Lululemon Shorts | Look Stylish Working Out  -
June 8, 2012
Shop Lululemon Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents an alternative to baggy, mesh men's shorts for working out. Men's mesh shorts are roomy and comfortable but they are baggy and don't have secure pockets. Aaron wears cargo shorts, khaki flat front shorts, and other light weight cotton fabrics. As long as the shorts don't bunch, he wears them to workout. However, he definitely never wears jean shortsRead More»
When to Stretch | Warming Up and Cooling Down -
June 4, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses when you should stretch. When should you stretch pre or post workout? Should you stretch differently for cardio versus weight training? Stretching is very important for the function of your body. However, stretching can increase risk of injury if performed before weight training by being too warmed-up. With weight training, use the actual exercise (move) to get Read More»

Lower Back Pain | Stretching -
May 24, 2012
Stretching will help to keep your body limber, eliminate cramping, and assist with lower back issues. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the importance of stretching. Stretching may not be fun and it's time consuming but it's important. Many men experience lower back tightness and pain. Aaron demonstrates his favorite stretches for lower back tightness which should be performed in the morning uponRead More»
Replacing Running Shoes -
May 11, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses signs that running shoes need to be replaced and features to look for or avoid when selecting. Alpha used to wear shoes that weren't designed for running when doing cardio. They had no arch support and had hard Styrofoam bottoms but they were 'cute' (he was a sneaker diva). His body was in pain, so he purchased the most comfortable pair of New Balance. He was in Read More»
Alpha M. Fitness Success | How Andrew Did It  -
May 4, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. sends congrats to Andrew!  Alpha devised a fitness program for Andrew, and Andrew took his advice. Alpha is so thrilled with this success story and is pumped about Andrew's progress. Here's how Andrew has stuck to the program and pushed through bad days. Hey Aaron, As you suggested I have stuck with my nutrition and training program we discussed on the phone and continuedRead More»
Home Fitness Equipment | Treadmill, Elliptical, Stationary Bike -
April 27, 2012
Should you buy home fitness equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike? And if you do, what should you look for when selecting cardio equipment? Aaron Marino gives the low-down on home fitness equipment. But before you get any piece of cardio equipment, make sure you are going to use it. Don't buy a rack to hang your clothes on. You have three options for cardio equipment: treadRead More»
Shin Splints -
March 26, 2012
In my book The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, I outline an 8-week fitness routine to get in shape for basic training.  Getting in shape for basic training is great, but sometimes it can leave you with shin splints.. Shin splints are a common cause for concern for each military recruit. Whether you are leaving for Air Force boot camp and just trying to prepare yourself for the Army basic trainRead More»

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